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Pinning for inspiration. This is what I want to do to the boys' room but I want to another layer of shelving to the side too! They have lots of books and that's a tiny space to curl up and read! Im.sure it would need to be anchored to the wall as well

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I wanna do this when I have my own room and don't share with my daughter. It's better than having a closet. You can get everything you need without making a mess. And you can make it as big as you want. And decorate it. ❤️ my fiancé can have the closet.

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Make Space! If you don't have space in your bathroom, clear out a small area in your closet or even in your bedroom to keep your makeup and other personal supplies. This area should be easily accessible. By creating a specific place for all your supplies,

cute and creative way to store and display your jewelry in your bathroom - small shelf, short rods, and black wooden plaques.

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