Assateague Island - wild horses. It looks like soooo much fun to run in the waves! A Poem & Tribute to the Assateague Horses by Heidrun Metzler. Author of Skeeter's Dreams. Sunshine and water is all I need. And sand to stick in my feet. Foaming waves splashing around my ears. Whispering oceans, calling, washing away my fears. The sweeping surf’s radiant glow, cast by the setting sun. Invigorates, as we gallop through our reflections with endless fun.

22 beautiful U.S. beaches -

Castle on a rock in Dublin, Ireland.


10 Tips For Staying Sane On A Long Flight

Hack Your Way To A Better Flight

Doing the Great Loop boat cruise of over 5,000 miles, usually lasting more than one boating season, would be an incredible adventure!

Beneteau Swift 34: Making the Great Loop Route |
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22 Airport Hacks

23 Airport Hacks to Remember Before Your Next Flight

check out this life hack!

Check out this life hack!

The ocean off of Grand Turk ~ Crystal Clear! Now this what ocean water should be like everywhere!

34 places to swim in the world’s clearest water

Leland blue is actually industrial waste from the pre-1900 iron foundries of Michigan. The by-product from the smelting process was dumped into Lake Michigan creating this unique "foundry glass" slag. The stones wash up on the beach of the lake and are collected, cut and polished into the loveliness that you see here. I was told, by Gary, that the white is from the flux that was used in the process and the black is from ash. This stuff is found in all shades of blu

Tuscon Gem Show Rock Haul - Something Sublime

Old Mission Peninsula Wine Trail - Near Traverse City, Michigan

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ludington, michigan

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The Turks and Caicos Islands, The Bahamas

The Turks and Caicos Islands: - holidayspots4u

Corfu Island, Greece

The amazing world: Corfu Island, Greece

Flam, Norway

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Waterfall of Gods - iceland

Sleepless Dreams | Waterfall of Gods

Redwood Path, Muir Woods, California

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M22 Scenic Overlook Lake Michigan Arcadia MI, USA /

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Edsel and Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe, Michigan

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Hike through the dunes and...ahhh! Lake Michigan! This view makes me so happy every single time!

September 2, 2013 5:15 PM | Joey Spadafore | VSCO Grid

Musha Cay, Bahamas

Best Pro Photography

Grand Island Lighthouse, Michigan.

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MI Church Grayling Rustic Chapel at Hartwick Pines Unsent Photographer Lucy Gridley Build in 1953

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Tart Cherries in Traverse City, Michigan |

Tart Cherries in Traverse City, Michigan |

Wildflower Heaven, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming,USA

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Chez Olga, a restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Michigan love. Places to see in Michigan.

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