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Craft Humor and Quotes

When you need some reassurance that there are other crazy craft designers out there like yourself...enjoy these crafty quotes and a dose of craft humor.

Craft Humor and Quotes

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True Friendship - defined by crocheters (crochet quote)
  • Glenda Mann
    Glenda Mann

    So true, too bad I haven't found that kind of friend yet...(tee hee)

Are you a Crochet Queen? Test your crocheting skills with our free crochet ripple patterns!

3 Wavy Ripple Crochet Afghan Patterns
  • Becky Greiner
    Becky Greiner

    Made 18 baby hats for Pgh. Childrens hospital. Also make hats, mittens or mitts, & slippers for my local Salvation Army for Christmas. For 15 years now.

  • Crochet Lady
    Crochet Lady

    I crochet for others everyday.

  • Cyndi Butler
    Cyndi Butler

    Crochet baby sets, blankets, hats, sweaters, headbands and dresses

  • Mridula Gadkar
    Mridula Gadkar

    I love crochet

I'm a Crochet Chick and I'm proud of it!

5 Color Scheme Crochet Baby Blankets

* Live * Love * Crochet * Crafty Crochet Quote to live by!

Crochet Humor - If crocheting every day is wrong...I don't want to be right.

Crafty quote - Crocheting keeps me from unraveling. Ain't that the truth. :)

When life throws you scraps...crochet an afghan! ♥
  • Cora van Tonder
    Cora van Tonder


Instant Crocheter: Just Add Caffeine! ♥

Crocheting is truly priceless

Crochet Quote | I am fluent in two languages: English & Crochet

This is a sign you should be crocheting!

Crochet Quote | Crocheting Warms My Heart ♥

I was crocheting when crocheting wasn't cool. Heck yea!

I Crochet. Get over it. Amen!

My daily struggle as a crafter.

Crafters gonna craft, craft, craft, craft, craft it all! (Yes, yes we are!)

The BEST Craft Projects of 2014!

Mess? What Mess? This is creative freedom. DUH. This is so my craft room.

How Obsessed With Glitter Are You? Take our quick quiz! #crafty #glitter

How Obsessed With Glitter Are You?

A Great Bunch of Funny Christmas Stories |

A Great Bunch of Funny Christmas Stories

This is my list of reasons for not needing more yarn.

7 Controversial Craft Questions You Should Answer

7 Controversial Craft Questions You Should Answer

on a bad day...there is always crochet ♥

  • Holly M
    Holly M

    Yes. I do so agree!

10 Signs You Are a Craft Hoarder

  • Crista Schwandt
    Crista Schwandt

    Yes and I am proud of it ! ✂

How Christmas are You? Take the quiz! |

How Christmas are You?
  • Sandy Odegard
    Sandy Odegard

    I'm a 17!

  • Kerry Hunter
    Kerry Hunter

    WOW, I'm a Grinch as per this Quiz!

What's your crafting personality? There's only one way to find out...