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Craft Humor and Quotes

When you need some reassurance that there are other crazy craft designers out there like yourself...enjoy these crafty quotes and a dose of craft humor.

Craft Humor and Quotes

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My daily struggle as a crafter.

Crafters gonna craft, craft, craft, craft, craft it all! (Yes, yes we are!)

The BEST Craft Projects of 2014!

Mess? What Mess? This is creative freedom. DUH. This is so my craft room.

How Obsessed With Glitter Are You? Take our quick quiz! #crafty #glitter

How Obsessed With Glitter Are You?

A Great Bunch of Funny Christmas Stories |

A Great Bunch of Funny Christmas Stories

This is my list of reasons for not needing more yarn.

7 Controversial Craft Questions You Should Answer

7 Controversial Craft Questions You Should Answer

on a bad day...there is always crochet ♥

  • Holly M
    Holly M

    Yes. I do so agree!

10 Signs You Are a Craft Hoarder

  • Crista Schwandt
    Crista Schwandt

    Yes and I am proud of it ! ✂

How Christmas are You? Take the quiz! |

How Christmas are You?
  • Sandy Odegard
    Sandy Odegard

    I'm a 17!

  • Kerry Hunter
    Kerry Hunter

    WOW, I'm a Grinch as per this Quiz!

What's your crafting personality? There's only one way to find out...

Jewelry crafters - this one's for you

  • Robin Smith
    Robin Smith

    That's our problem! !! Very fitting! !

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ao with ♥ / The cutest yarn thief / craft assistant!

  • Farhana Salsabila
    Farhana Salsabila

    Hi @FaveCrafts, I would love to join your "Cozy Kitchen: Recipes and Crafts" board. Can you invite me please ?.. thanks

  • Pat Clubb
    Pat Clubb

    Laura this is Lillie

Quilt covered car

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off - PINTEREST PARODY - YouTube

Well, now that that's done...

The correct answer when anyone asks what time it is.

When people ask me..."How did you get to be SO crafty?" I tell them it's because I ate PASTE as a child ;D

  • Holly Mcbane
    Holly Mcbane


  • Athena Peaceriver
    Athena Peaceriver


Tragedy has struck in the arts and crafts section. (This made me laugh harder than I probably should have...)

  • Deb Gernatt
    Deb Gernatt


I just love Craft Humor! #crafthumor #craftjokes #Frozen

Southern Fabric: I just love Sewing Humor!!
  • Tania Vermey
    Tania Vermey

    So funny and oh so true

The first 3 words you see describe your crafting personality! Ready? GO! :)

  • Nikki Renner Scuderi
    Nikki Renner Scuderi

    Beautiful, modern, crazy

  • Allie Daughter of Hermes
    Allie Daughter of Hermes

    Loyal, Bold, Master.

  • Jasayra Perez
    Jasayra Perez


  • Jasayra Perez
    Jasayra Perez

    And joyous

  • Katie Sager
    Katie Sager

    order, beautiful, glittery.... !!!

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Knitting is the new yoga...ahhhhh.

Meanwhile knitting, nice! #supernatural

Misha Collins (mishacollins) on Twitter

Crafting comes before Housework in the dictionary. As it should.

  • Kelly Mcnamara-hillyer
    Kelly Mcnamara-hillyer

    :) yep I agree

  • Hope O'Rourke
    Hope O'Rourke

    In my house this is true ;)