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Frolicking Baby Quilt- Simple and easy, this baby quilt pattern makes a great gift for expecting mothers or newborn babies.

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Pink Stacks Coin Quilt This free baby quilt pattern makes the perfect gift for both girls and boys since the colors can be alternated.

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Baby Jordan

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Shadow Stars Baby Quilt | This pretty baby quilt also doubles as an adorable play mat!

Shadow Stars Baby Quilt

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Color Pop Lattice Baby Quilt | We're completely in love with lattice quilts!

Color Pop Lattice Baby Quilt

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Twin Fox Quilt Pattern | If you've been looking for a gender neutral baby quilt, this is the pattern for you!

Twin Fox Quilt Pattern

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Briar Rose

Briar Rose Strip Quilt Tutorial | All hail this princess-worthy quilting tutorial!

Briar Rose Strip Quilt Tutorial

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Crayon Box Baby Quilt Tutorial | This gender-neutral quilting tutorial is perfect for boys and girls!

Crayon Box Baby Quilt Tutorial

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40+ Baby Quilt Patterns. Keep your little one cozy with adorable quilts for boys and quilts for girls. Plus, these baby blanket patterns make wonderful baby shower gifts!

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40+ Baby Quilt Patterns. Sew a snuggly baby blanket for boys and girls with DIY baby quilt patterns. Choose a gorgeous quilting pattern from our wide selection.

40+ Free Baby Quilt Patterns

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40+ Baby Quilt Patterns. Sew a snuggly baby blanket for boys and girls with gorgeous DIY baby quilt ideas. Choose from a wide selection of quilting patterns.

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Quarter Yard Baby Quilt Pattern | Oh baby, I love you sew!

Quarter Yard Baby Quilt Pattern

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Quilted DIY Pacifier Clip | It's like magic!

Quilted DIY Pacifier Clip

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Quarter Yard Baby Quilt Pattern | You'll only need about a yard of fabric for this quilt!

Quarter Yard Baby Quilt Pattern

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40+ Free Baby Quilt Patterns | The perfect blankets for tykes!

40+ Free Baby Quilt Patterns

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Scrappy Star Quilt Pattern | What a fun quilt to make!

Scrappy Star Quilt Pattern

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Zoology Bubbles Baby Quilt | Imagine all the great combinations of fabric you could use!

Zoology Bubbles Baby Quilt

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Abacus Baby Quilt - Make bright and cheery baby quilts with this Abacus Baby Quilt pattern. The tiny alternating snowball blocks make this quilt look like an abacus. Choose colors like those in the sample for a baby girl, or select different colors for baby boy quilts.

Abacus Baby Quilt

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What a cute baby quilt pattern! I love the cat design that's all over it!

Wittle Whiskers Baby Quilt

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Snuggle Bricks Baby Quilt - Grab some baby-themed fat quarters and an afternoon of your time to quickly learn how to make a baby quilt pattern that is as cuddly as it is easy. The Snuggle Bricks Baby Quilt pieces together 12 fat quarters and 2 yards of snuggle fabric to make a oh so simple brick design that will match just about any nursery.

Snuggle Bricks Baby Quilt

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Grab some fat quarters and learn how to make a stunning and stylish baby quilt pattern that is shockingly easy to create. All you need to make this Ombre Baby Quilt Patternis a handful of fat quarters in varying shades of one color as well as white squares to create the patchwork design.

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This is such cute baby quilt patterns! I love the ombre idea especially.

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Diy Round Blanket

@jaybirdquilts has a creative way to use your scrappy quilt leftovers. The whole family will love this super easy circular quilt pattern. You can use it as a small baby quilt pattern, a table topper, and much more.

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Afternoon Six and a Half Dozen Baby Quilt Pattern

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Cute baby quilt pattern!

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Down Home Chevron Baby Quilt

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Chevron quilts are super popular these days. Free baby quilt pattern.

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Free baby quilt patterns - good to have on hand

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