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Homemade Quilted Handbags

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T-shirt bags. Easy to make, no sewing. #diy #crafts, #bags

Grey Abbey Spring Hexagon Pouch by Fabric Mutt

Happy Dance Tote by Brienne, she made a cargo duffle with leather! LOVE!

For those who are looking to celebrate National Craft Month with an easy sewing project, there's the Simple Fat Quarter Bag, which makes a great beach or grocery store tote.

Sew Together Bag Pattern. I *have* to make this, so many pockets to keep things organized.

Design your own personalized small quilt project that you can take just about anywhere with the Quilted Drop Cloth Pouch tutorial.

Any lady on the go needs a reliable bag to hold all of her things, and now you can make your own fast with this Super Quick and Easy Cosmetic Bag tutorial.

This easy tote bag pattern is the perfect bag for teachers (or anyone who has to cart around tons of papers and books).

The Blanket to Backpack Tutorial is a clever quilted tote bag pattern that will keep kids comfy no matter where they go!

Daisy Kingdom City Tot Diaper Bag-Teardrop Paisley-Brown

Get ready for a big day of shopping with a big tote bag pattern from @Make It and Love It.

Could this quilted tote bag be any cuter? It's hard to believe this bag pattern was made from a real shirt and tie, but @Make It and Love It can show you how.

In need of a cute quilted tote bag pattern that works with just about any outfit? @Make It and Love It has the answer with this ruffly quilted bag pattern.

This adorable quilted bag pattern from @Make It and Love It is just in time for the holidays. Your fabric scraps will have never looked so good.

@CraftFoxes knows the best way to turn your old towels into a stylish new quilted tote bag. If you're a thrifty crafter in need of a quick and inexpensive option that looks great, this is the bag pattern for the job.

Perfectly Pleated Purse - Looking for that perfect purse pattern that's not too big, but still functional? @Ashley J can show you how to dress up a simple quilted handbag pattern with pleats that look great with any fabric.

Two Tone Ruffle Tote - @Ashley J can help you glam up your quilted tote bag pattern with cute embellishments that also make great sewing practice.

Check out our list of the top 5 new quilted bag patterns on our site! You can find cute quilted tote bags, shoulder bags, and some trendy little handbags too.

Be Prepared Emergency Pouch - @A Spoonful of Sugar can help you prepare for emergency situations with this sweet little quilted pouch. Gather your charm packs and put together a small quilted bag pattern that you can use to store small emergency items. It also makes a fun small quilted gift for anyone in the medical field.

Best Bargello Bag - @Jill Dorsey has given quilters a way to turn the classic bargello quilt pattern into a gorgeous quilted bag pattern. Grab your fat quarters and give it a try; it's gorgeous!

Urban Jungle Empress Bag - Conquer the urban jungle with this trendy quilted bag pattern from @Sew Sweetness. Learn how to add zippers, straps, and more to your homemade quilted handbag.

Caliti Convertible Clutch - @Sew Sweetness has the chicest new quilted bag pattern out there. Not only will you learn to make a fashionable new clutch, but also a tote bag! It's the best two-in-one quilted handbag we've ever seen.

Vera Bradley Quilted Zipper Bag - Say no to designer prices and make your very own stylish new quilted bag pattern that's just as cute. This patchwork quilted handbag can be in any color and is as functional as it is fashionable (and so much cheaper!).

Beach Baby Nappy Bag - Get ready for a day at the beach with your baby by making this handy quilted messenger bag made by @Stella Hinemihi. It has plenty of room, is super soft, and can also turn into a convenient changing station!

Friendship Bag - @Rachel Griffith knows the most stylish way to use up your fabric scraps. Make a cute quilted tote bag pattern that looks great in any color and can be used to carry all of your must-have items.