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    Quilt Block Patterns

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    Quilt Block Patterns

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    Pom Pom Paper Piecing Tutorial - Quilters on the lookout for a challenge and a unique star quilt pattern will adore this unique paper piecing pattern. This bright and beautiful Pom Pom Paper Piecing Tutorial shows you how to use paper piecing methods to create a quilt block pattern that resembles a pom pom or starburst.

    Pom Pom Paper Piecing Tutorial

    Santa Paper Piecing Block - This adorable free block pattern shows you how to use classic paper piecing techniques to create a quilt block that everyone will recognize.

    Santa Paper Piecing Block

    There are so many free quilt patterns in this collection! WOW!

    101 Best Quilt Patterns for Free: Quilt Block Patterns, Quilt Patterns for Baby, and More

    Disappearing 16 Patch Block - Melissa Corry (Happy Quilting) has made a sensational variation on the standard nine patch quilt block that becomes a gorgeous diamond pattern. Bring a new twist to your patchwork quilting with a different kind of nine patch quilt pattern.

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    What a fun block! Love quilt as you go patterns.

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    One of my favorite block patterns! Seriously.

    Arizona Block

    Celtic Squares Block - The Celtic Squares Block is everything you'd expect from a Judy Martin pattern elegant, unique, and understated. This quilt block tutorial ties various elements together, marrying the feel of a log cabin quilt block pattern with interlocking rings or even a rail fence quilt pattern

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    Roaring Deer Quilt Block - Add a touch of the wild woods to your home or quilt patterns when you download this free paper piecing block pattern. The Roaring Deer Quilt Block features a majestic deer and comes with a downloadable template. Not for quilters who are brand new to paper piecing, this free pattern is a true work of art and is completely stunning on its own. You can easily add this block to a nature quilt or size up the block pattern to make a wallhanging.

    Roaring Deer Quilt Block

    Quatrastar Quilt Block Tutorial - Free foundation pieced quilt blocks are the best way to make a gorgeous quilt that looks a lot more difficult than it was.

    Quatrastar Quilt Block Tutorial

    Star of Mystery Quilt Block - This stunning example of paper piecing would be a great quilt block to repeat over and over again for a celestial quilt. Plus, you could easily use scraps to fill in the colorful portions of the block.

    Star of Mystery Quilt Block

    Home Sweet Home Paper Pieced Block - Learn how to make this block and you can make a whole paper pieced house quilt or incorporate just one house block into a quilt with many different kinds of blocks. Resize the paper piecing template to make different sized blocks. This free quilting pattern has a truly cute and country feel that could easily make any quilt or home cozier.

    Home Sweet Home Paper Pieced Block

    Stunning Woodpecker Block Pattern - Making nature quilts is an amazing way to pay tribute to Mother Nature while enjoying your favorite hobby. This absolutely stunning and intermediate sewing pattern is the perfect quilting pattern for the nature nut in your life. Intricate, lovely, and as beautiful as the real thing, the Stunning Woodpecker Quilt Block will be a challenge to make, but totally worth the effort. This quilt block pattern is gorgeous enough to frame as a piece of art.

    Stunning Woodpecker Block Pattern

    Mix Tape Quilt Block - Do some serious throwback quilting when you learn how to make this funky quilt block pattern that can be used while making a multitude of projects. Whether you want to make a mini quilt pattern or quick clutch, the Mix Tape Quilt Block pattern will show you how to make a quilt block that looks just like a cassette tape. Remember the 80s and 90s with this quilting pattern.

    Mix Tape Quilt Block

    String Spool Quilt Block - Give the traditional spool quilt block new life with this string quilt variation. The String Spool Quilt Block uses like-colored strings in the body of each spool so that each block looks like a different spool of thread. This block is a sophisticated alternative to the classic string quilt.

    String Spool Quilt Block

    Sun Rays Quilt Block - Looking for unique quilt block ideas to spice up your quilting? Try the Sun Rays Quilt Block! This free quilt block pattern acts like a picture frame for applique and embroidery. The striped border offsets a plain center square in this 12.5" block.

    Sun Rays Quilt Block

    Quarter Circle Quilt Block Pattern - The Quarter Circle Quilt Block Pattern is made up of four machine-appliqued, quarter-square scrappy units. These simple quilt blocks use a variation on the traditional drunkard's path quilt pattern to create a colorful circle set against a black, white, and green background.

    Quarter Circle Quilt Block Pattern

    Improvised Heart Quilt Block - This beautiful Improvised Heart Quilt Block uses an easy and fun strip-piecing method. Use up your red, pink, and purple scraps to add dimension to its heart shape. This is an excellent pattern for a scrappy, yet coordinated quilt, and it's a perfect way to say "I love you" by using these simple quilt blocks to make a cozy, handcrafted quilt.

    Improvised Heart Quilt Block

    Are you looking for new quilt ideas? How about this Cornered Heart Quilt Block? This quilt block pattern uses applique to place the hearts directly onto background fabric. The hearts are formed from two teardrop-shaped pieces of fabric, which are cut out using templates. You can put these heart blocks together to form flowers or various abstract designs on your finished quilt. The hearts on these simple quilt blocks don't take up much fabric.

    Cornered Heart Quilt Block

    Zig Zag Path Quilt Block Pattern - Here's a quilt block pattern with a dizzying design. Not so curvy as a drunkard's path block, the Zig Zag Path Quilt Block Pattern is easy to sew using squares and half-square triangles. The bi-colored "path" on this quilt block seems to spin down toward the dark square at its center.

    Zig Zag Path Quilt Block Pattern

    A Dandy Quilt Block - Isn't this A Dandy Quilt Block? It really is. That's the name of the pattern! This quilt block design uses half-square triangles at its corners to help the star-like pattern in the center stand out. When these simple quilt blocks come together to form an entire quilt, diamonds emerge in the spaces between blocks, separated by a grid-like pattern.

    A Dandy Quilt Block

    Sickle Quilt Block Pattern - There's a lot you can do with this Sickle Quilt Block Pattern, which is exceptional for its versatility. Although the individual quilt blocks are easy to make with squares and half-square triangles, the quilt you create with these simple quilt blocks can turn out in a number of different ways depending on how you arrange and color the blocks. Create a fun scrappy quilt by using colorful fabric for the square units in your blocks.q

    Sickle Quilt Block Pattern

    Bachelors Puzzle Quilt Block - This simple tutorial will show you how to sew a quilt made with the Bachelors Puzzle Block pattern, which uses squares and half-square triangles to create a design that seems to spin in its block. When you've finished sewing up a stack of these easy quilt blocks, you can put them together to create a tri-colored quilt with a fun geometric pattern where little white squares appear amid colored boxes.

    Bachelors Puzzle Quilt Block

    This fun Combination Star Quilt Block Pattern is made from nothing but hour glass blocks and square-in-a-square blocks. The simple gray and white color scheme in this quilt design makes sure the star block pattern really shines. When you sew these quilt blocks together to form an entire quilt, the star pattern fades and becomes part of a chunky, grid-like pattern.

    Combination Star Quilt Block Pattern

    Purple and yellow fabric pop in this cheerful Dandy Star Quilt Block. The warm glow of the yellow star at the center of each quilt block will remind you of our closest star of all, the sun. Swap the placement of purple and yellow fabric on every other block to create a quilt design with a festive, carnival-like air.

    Dandy Star Quilt Block

    Teal accents pop against mustard fabric in this Quarterfoil Star Block, especially when many blocks are sewn together to form a single quilt. Although the pattern in a single quilt block features a white square inside a mustard diamond, when the entire quilt is put together, mustard diamonds within white squares appear as well.

    Quarterfoil Star Block