Scrap Quilt Patterns

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Scrap Quilt Patterns

Scrap Quilt Patterns

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Fun Scrap Quilting Ideas

Pleated Strips Beginner Quilt - Learn how to make a strip quilt pattern.

Pleated Strips Beginner Quilt

A great layout for square in a square blocks! Sew we quilt: Sugar Flowers Tutorial By Quilting In the Rain

! Sew we quilt: Sugar Flowers Tutorial By Quilting In the Rain

Squares, made of triangles make a quilt. Simple. ive been looking for a quilt pattern to make one out of my daughters dresses as she gets older i have been saving the special on every year and i love this pattern

one shabby chick: New quilts + mermaids (and mermen)

Quilt-as-you-go - must try this method and love the bright colors in this. Great idea to use up scraps in less time!

Super Scrappy Soccer Quilt | The {studio} blog by April Rosenthal

The Boudoir Quilt Pattern - Learn how to make a quilt that is decorative and feminine with this free quilt pattern.

The Boudoir Quilt Pattern

The Most Charming: 23 Charm Pack Quilt Patterns - We can guarantee that any charm quilt fan will enjoy 23 of the Most Charming Charm Pack Quilt Patterns. There's more than just full size patterns here, as these charm quilt patterns also include smaller quilted projects meant for everyday use.

The Most Charming: 23 Charm Pack Quilt Patterns

Learn how to create fast and easy selvedge fabric with this awesome tutorial! Selvedge fabric is made from cutting the selvedge off your bolts or cuts and using them to create a unique, scrappy material for your projects.

How To Create Fast and Easy Selvedge Fabric
  • Lynn Johnston
    Lynn Johnston


  • Karen LeDoux
    Karen LeDoux

    Food for thought....

These Quilted Pillows with a Hidden Zipper are an absolute dream. Elegant, simple, and surprisingly easy to make, these fun pillows to sew would look great in almost any living room.

Quilted Pillows with a Hidden Zipper

The Bold Border Mug Rugs are phenomenal for two reasons. First of all, it's a cute mug rug tutorial that would make any kitchen a little brighter. But secondly, these mug rug instructions teach you how to make laminated mug rugs that are completely machine washable!

Bold Border Mug Rugs

The Rainbow Scrapbusting Wonky Quilt Block is a fun, bright way to get a little playful with your quilting. This scrappy quilt block pattern is reminiscent of a log cabin quilt block.

Rainbow Scrapbusting Wonky Quilt Block
  • Leatha Stanley
    Leatha Stanley

    Would be a fun quilt to make!

  • carol briggs
    carol briggs

    Will make this one sometime

The Sliced Improve Quilt Block Pattern is a fun way to play around with smaller quilt blocks. Use improvisational quilting to make small quilt blocks you can arrange according to your own design.

Sliced Improv Quilt Block Pattern

The Scrappy Nine Patch Quilt Block is the frugal quilter's dream come true. This awesome, scrappy quilt project creates a colorful quilt block that you can sew together in no time.

Scrappy Nine Patch Quilt Block

The Exploding X HST Block uses half square triangles to create a vibrant, energetic X block. If you don't already know how to chain piece quilt blocks, this tutorial gives a pretty thorough explanation of how the technique is done.

Exploding X HST Block

Learn how to create fast and easy selvedge fabric with this awesome tutorial!

How To Create Fast and Easy Selvedge Fabric

What a pretty quilt! Use leftover scrap fabric to make this beautiful quilt for your home.

Portland Peel templates

Make this stashbuster rainbow quilt! Start with one square and work outward for a great project. Home dec? Full quilt? Up to you!

Exuberant Color: Binding on 3 sides, and a question...
  • Nancy Tucker
    Nancy Tucker

    What a fun look!

  • pateiwah whitefeather hawk
    pateiwah whitefeather hawk

    nice ~one of those projects that you can do as time and scraps allow, and kids can help too...

Beautifully geometric "Machine Stitched Hexagons" by Nicole Daksiewicz of Modern Handcraft.

Machine Stitched Hexagons

What a great scrap quilt pattern! This is a great pattern if you need to figure out how to use up fabric scraps.

Lizzie the quilter: Long weekend of sewing
  • Rosemarie Mullenix
    Rosemarie Mullenix

    how awesome looking, love the colors

Nothing beats scrap quilt patterns for old favorites. This scrappy chevron quilt is to die for.

100 Women, 100 Sewing Machines, 1 Room
  • Sandhya Karandikar
    Sandhya Karandikar

    This is so wonderful. Once I figured it out it made my day. I can now use my solids and prints from stash and make this wonderful quilt.

Everyone is loving this scrap quilt project from Julie Herman! See some ways you can use it here.

Circle Quilt Tutorial | Jaybird Quilts
  • lorraine ryan
    lorraine ryan

    so colourful

One Color Scrappy Baby Quilt - This scrap quilt pattern from Virginia Lindsay is 100% unique! Make a baby quilt pattern for a boy or a girl that has a funky design that they'll cherish as they grow up. It's fun and full of colors, but also very budget friendly.

Scrap Color Baby Quilt Tutorial - Gingercake
  • Brenda Benefield
    Brenda Benefield


Top 10 Free Scrap Quilt Patterns - Grab your fabric scraps and get ready to make the most popular scrap quilt patterns on our site. We've got scrappy quilt block patterns, full sized patterns, and some fun small quilt projects you can make with just a few scraps of fabric.

Top 10 Free Scrap Quilt Patterns

97 Scrap Quilt Patterns and Ways to Use Up Scrap Fabric - We've rounded up all of our best collections of thrifty scrap quilt patterns and organizing ideas that we know you can use.

97 Scrap Quilt Patterns and Ways to Use Up Your Fabric Scraps

What to Do with Your Fabric Scraps: 18 Scrap Quilt Patterns and Organizing Ideas - Our new collection has the best ways to use up your scraps of fabric. We've also included some helpful organizing ideas for when you're saving up.

Fun With Bricks Scrap Quilt