How to make Maleficent Horns

How to make Maleficent Horns (Instead of helmet cut circles out of black felt and sew to bottom of horn, then attach the horns to a black headband)

Young Homemade Maleficent Costume - Only If She Could Fly!

Young Homemade Maleficent Costume - Only If She Could Fly!

"Toni G was inspired by the colors of the labradorite stone, a mineral which has a swirly, metallic, oil-spill finish. Those colors made it into Maleficent’s eye makeup palette and the director loved it so much that he incorporated the stone into Maleficent’s staff, according to Tuiten. It also inspired the color of her contact lenses, which were hand painted by contact lens artist Cristina Patterson.“The lenses mimicked the actual colors [Jolie] has in her eyes."

What It Took to Turn Angelina Jolie Into Maleficent

Upcoming Angelina Jolie-fronted Sleeping Beauty prequel Maleficent has released its first images of the good fairies

Mac Maleficent Makeup | MAC Cosmetics's Maleficent Makeup Collection Inspired by Angelina ...

MAC Cosmetic's Maleficent Makeup Collection: Details

Maleficent I loved Maleficent and how it was reworked to change a viewer’s perspective of “villains.” Not to mention Angelina Jolie’s performance was absolutely captivating.