Filth Wizardry: Autumn woodland treasure sculptures, these dragonflies and more made using twigs and maple seeds and other found items. It would be fun to give kids a bag and go for a walk to find things to come home and make so fun things. Nature walk and art project all in one.

For Dragonfly 6 legs -Filth Wizardry: Autumn woodland treasure sculpture; creating art with nature walk finds such as twigs, maple seeds, and other fall finds.

Great, simple art project combining line & adjectives. Kids draw wavy lines, paint & then fill in with adjectives describing themselves. Great blog from a 5/6th teacher:

Friday Art Feature - I Am ...

Friday Art Feature - I Am . Friday Art Feature - I Am . We had our first official art class of the year this week. I decided to start .

Make paper frames. paste on to heartier cardboard frames. Glue magnets on the back and use to hang kid's art to the island and Fridge in playful elegance. UPDATE: we did it!  It's great!

DIY paper picture frames - a cheap, fun alternative to buying regular picture frames!

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