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he punches the brick of his house to get aesthetic bruises on his hands<<was that written about me because i do


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"I will never be able to show how I was before...I'm no longer the beautiful girl you my entire body is covered with scars to remind me of what happened"- Mina.

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¿Por qué el amor duele? ¿por qué no todo es felicidad y ternura? ¿Por qué nunca nadie podrá ver feliz a otro y pasar de largo diciendo : ” excelente, allí esta alguien feliz” ?

My Heart - Jackie | Sad Picture

Stop! Your going to kill her. It escape my mouth. God now Im involving myself, shut it. It has to happen. I tell myself. when inside i could stop this. But the look on her eyes. she has now seen herself as a kid to now she reach the end. Fuck

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- ̗̀ Florence ̖́-