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This week sees a return to the Indie Author Weekly Update with posts from Jane Friedman, HubSpot, Joanna Penn, Future Book, and Writers in the Storm. via @fcaballo

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I hope you enjoy the newest installment of the Indie Author Weekly Update. As I suggest, start with Joanna Penn's recent podcast. You won't be disappointed! via @fcaballo

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There are several commercially successful authors today that according to a Hootesuite article, use social media to further their engagement with readers.

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Where would a book launch be without social media? You wouldn't get far. So the next time you plan a book launch, use these 9 tips. via @fcaballo

Blogging can be important to an indie author's brand. Your blog is part of your brand and is one of the best places to engage with readers. via @fcaballo

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The Indie Author Update this week includes posts from bloggers I haven't previously included plus posts from treasured bloggers. via @fcaballo

When writers are new to social media, I always recommend that they spend time lurking around the social media networks they plan to use. via @fcaballo

Welcome to another edition of the Indie Author Weekly Update. There were so many brilliant posts on the internet this week. via @fcaballo

Call me inept at living in the moment, but I’m already thinking about 2017 and what my goals will be. But first, let's look back at 2016. via @fcaballo

I hope you enjoy this week's edition of the Indie Author Weekly Update. via @fcaballo