I want this for my classroom!

When you enter this classroom... teacher school gift end of the year christmas teacher appreciation thank you classroom sign

Teacher classroom sign When you enter this classroom. teacher school gift end of the year christmas teacher appreciation thank you sign

Bulletin Board

Help Wanted bulletin board. Pockets with classroom job descriptions. Write student names on craft sticks and place them in appropriate pocket. Fun and easy way to switch up student jobs throughout the year.

for the classroom

A quote for journal makers.Quote by illustrator Keri Smith from "How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum" 59 ideas for how to get creatively unstuck by engaging with everyday objects. Would make a great writing prompt!

Marker spray bottles. Awesome idea for old markers!

Classroom hack to make watercolor paints: take old markers with no caps and place them inside a clear spray bottle with water. Use this classroom hack to paint with your students.

Give kids a #Lego Challenge for a great #STEM activity!

We gave the students a similar (not the same) box of bricks, tires, etc and had them race their creations down a huge lego ramp!

Fun gardening activities for kids. Great plants for kids and easy tips for gardening with kids. #RaisingGoodApples #ad

Gardening Activities for Kids

Fun and easy gardening activities for kids! Teach kids how to garden and grow an avocado plant, flowers, fruit and vegetable plants.

Incorporating Mirrors | using mirrors in play, learning and spaces for children


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I'm having an aha moment. Hewitt came through our school, she recommended all teachers posting a poster outside the classroom door that identified the curriculum goals for children and adults ali