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Is there a woman in your family tree who fought in the Civil War? Kady Brownell enlisted w/ her husband in the 1st RI Infantry Volunteers the day after Fort Sumter fell. She fought openly alongside her husband in several battles. At the end of a 3-month enlistment, Kady and her husband re-enlisted in the 5th RI Infantry. Robert was wounded in the battle at New Bern, NC, and the Brownells were transferred to NY where Robert recuperated. Both were discharged winter of 1863.


“Petticoat Government”: Women in Shaker Society

When Lucy Wright became the sole leader of the Shaker community in 1796, many men left, refusing to be part of a "petticoat government." Learn more about Mother Lucy Wright and women in Shaker society in today's blog post!


Continental army uniform coat worn by Colonel Peter Gansevoort Jr. of the 3rd Regiment of the New York Continental Line. He wore this coat during his command of Fort Stanwix, New York, in 1777.