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In one tiny cube-shaped enclosure, we have united a quality headphone amplifier, high performance speaker, and audiophile grade USB DAC.

Instagram pillow

Make a scrapbook of the time you and your honey have spent together and send it as a gift. Can include photos, ticket stubs, letters, menus hand-written or printed stories of events that happened/things that were said. be creative :)

Instagram needed/wanted

If this is real, then I would definitely buy one. I'm not really into photography so a camera with post-processing features is a must-have for me. It can also print photos instantly which makes it more awesome.

Flipboard - For getting my news of everyday about Tech & everything else!

I thoroughly recommend Flipboard for iPhone and iPad. A great app that brings in all your news and social networks in a pleasant "magazine-style" format.

CNET - Tech News

Best iPad keyboard ever made (according to CNET)