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a monkey with the words evolution on it's face
Articles on Evolution
Evolution by natural selection is a very simple idea that explains so much.
a yellow stuffed animal sitting in a coffee cup with the words happiness written above it
Articles on Happiness
Happiness is what we seek for its own sake, and it takes wisdom to find and keep it.
a woman holding a box with the words,'for the love of wisdom art '
Ethics Archives
Ethics is the branch of philosophy that concerns itself with how people should live and behave.
the road to atheism is altered with bibles that have been read cover to cover
The road to Atheism is littered with bibles that have been read cover to cover.
a thought bubble with the words for the love of wisdom net
For the Love of Wisdom
For the love of wisdom, actively seek out truth through freethought, philosophy & science.
an image of a painting with the words does god exist?
Does God Exist?
Does God exist? That depends upon what is meant by God. This article examines several conceptions of God to determine whether any could be real.
a red tea pot sitting next to cups filled with different types of drinks and symbols
All religion is silly, made up, designed to keep you in fear.
a blue poster with the words atheist mind, humanist heart
Bold Atheism
Atheist mind. Humanist heart.
some toys are sitting on a table with a sign in the background that says we are robots
We are Robots
Blog Post: We are Robots
an image of a clock on the ground with text that reads, flowers in palley's technological argument what port could have such as death, disease, suffering and confu
Flaws in Paley's Teleological Argument
Flaws in Paley’s Teleological Argument
an old man holding up a book with the quote it is an insult to humility, to say our majority is completely depened on someone else giving us a list of dos
morality exists outside of religion
an old man sitting in front of a computer screen
rhubarb grows in the dark faith grows for the same reason
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The most dangerous aspect Christians, Anti Religion, Hypocrisy
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The most dangerous aspect
a woman standing on top of a ladder with the words, it's time to face the fact that god is man - made
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Time to face the facts...