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A few years ago, I watched a Korean drama on Hulu and got hooked. Before long, I subscribed to Drama Fever and began watching them regularly. These include romantic comedies, historical dramas, serious melodramas, supernatural stories, and spy thrillers. I appreciate how they tell a complete story, as movies do, over a longer period of time, so that I get to know the characters and understand what is happening before it all ends.

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More Than a Maid

Maids is about a noblewoman who becomes a maid after her father is framed and executed for treason. It takes place in Joseon during the reign of King Taejong and the life of Joseon's founder King Taejo.

The King's Face (Korean Drama - - 왕의 얼굴 Korean Drama 2014, Korean Drama Series, Drama Tv Series, Park Jae Min, Kbs Drama, Seo In Guk, Korean Hanbok, Face Pictures, Best Supporting Actor

The King's Face

The King's Face is about the rise of Prince Gwanghae to the throne. Unlike Hong Gil Dong, a Robin Hood drama which casts King Gwanghae in the role of Prince John, this drama portrays Gwanghae as an honorable man who saves Joseon from a Japanese invasion and rightfully earns the crown, befriending, along the way, the author of the original Hong Gil Dong stories.

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Hong Gil-Dong, The Hero

Hong Gil Dong is about a Robin Hood type hero. It is set in Joseon. The credits identify the King as Gwanghae, who reigned from 1608-1623, but events in the series take place 20 years into his 15-year reign, and events don't match up with history.

Tree with Deep Roots 24 episodes: male leads Han Suk Kyo and Jang Hyuk / female lead Shin Se Kyung Shin Se Kyung, Chiba, Roots Tv Series, Deep Rooted Tree, Drama Tv Series, Korean Drama Movies, Korean Dramas, Ugly Cry, Secret Power

Tree With Deep Roots

The Tree with Deep Roots is about King Sejong, the 4th king of Joseon, and his invention of the Hangul alphabet, which is used for writing Korean to this day.

JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY: Directed by Amy Heckerling. With Michael Keaton, Joe Piscopo, Marilu Henner, Maureen Stapleton. Set in the an honest, goodhearted man is forced to turn to a life of crime to finance his neurotic mother's skyrocketing medical bills. Night Vale, Live Action, 3 Jokers, Maureen Stapleton, Byun Yo Han, Peter Boyle, Dc Comics, Image Comics, Random Stuff

The Roots of Throne

Six Flying Dragons is about six people involved with the founding of Joseon. These include the historical figures Sambong, a Confucian scholar who conceived of the new nation, Lee Sung Gye, who became its first king, and his son Lee Bong Won, who became the third king and was the father of Great King Sejong.

Little Mom Scandal-Hwang Jung Eum. This was so unusual for a Korean drama! Risque, even! K Drama, Watch Drama, All Korean Drama, Korean Drama Movies, Scandal Season 1, Korean Friends, Hwang Jung Eum, Drama Tv Series, Teen Mom

Little Mom Scandal - DramaWiki

Little Mom Scandal is a serious drama about a teenage girl who becomes pregnant and the friends who help her out.

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Hwajung (2015) is about the younger sister of King Gwanghae, covering the latter portion of Gwanghae's reign, all of Injo's, and the beginning of Hyojong's. It finds a nice balance for its portrayal of Gwanghae, who is neither the villain of Hong Gil Dong nor the hero of The King's Face. Because it covers a longer period in the same number of episodes, it does not cover the characters it shares with Cruel Palace in as much depth.

Hwarang - 20 episodes *Pack Seo Joon, *Go Ara,*Park Hyung Sik, & *Choi Minho Go Ara, Park Hyung Sik, Joon Hyung, Hwarang Drama, Hwarang The Beginning, V Hwarang, Kpop, Kdrama, V And Jin


Hwarang (2017) takes place during the reign of King Jinheung of Silla. I watched after Six Flying Dragons, because that show had an organization called Moomyung that dated back to Silla, and this had a character called Moo Myung, but if there was any connection, it was not explored in this drama.

To The Beautiful You (Choi Minho, Sulli and Lee Hyun Woo) To The Beatiful You, Beautiful You Korean Drama, Best Dramas, Korean Dramas, Kdrama, Sulli Choi, Watch Korean Drama, Moorim School, Lee Hyun Woo

To The Beautiful You

To The Beautiful You is a gender bender romantic comedy about an American-Korean girl who disguises herself as a boy to attend a boy's school, hoping to give moral support to the athlete who inspired her to do her best.

Sword and Flower (Korean Drama); 칼과 꽃; The Blade And Petal; Knife And Flower; Knife and Flower, an action/spy/romance drama, is set in the Koguryo Watch Korean Drama, Korean Drama Movies, Korean Dramas, Romeo And Juliet Story, Kdrama, Tragic Love Stories, Watch Full Episodes, Kpop, Seoul

The Blade and Petal

The Sword and the Flower, or the Blade and Petal as it is called here, takes place in Goguryeo shortly before Silla conquers it. In this story, the princess falls in love with the illegitimate son of the man who later murders her father in a coup. The main story is about how her desire for revenge and his loyalty to his father get between them.

Jewel in the Palace is about the first woman in Korean history to rise to the position of the king's personal physician. It takes place mainly during the reign of King Jungjong, who reigns from Dae Jang Geum, Watch Drama, Becoming A Doctor, Out Of Your Mind, Drama Fever, Drama Korea, Eternal Love, Best Investments, Episode 5

A Jewel in the Palace

Jewel in the Palace is about the first woman in Korean history to rise to the position of the king's personal physician. It takes place mainly during the reign of King Jungjong, who reigns from 1506-1544.

Bang Ja Chronicles, a. Servant: The Untold Story of Bang-Ja. A man-servant and a gisang's daughter who has a noble father fall in love. Hindi Movies, Disney Pixar, All Korean Drama, Film Semi, Drama Tv Series, Drama Fever, Comedy, Now And Then Movie, Ji Sung

Bang Ja Chronicles - DramaWiki

Bang Ja Chronicles, a.k.a. Servant: The Untold Story of Bang-Ja. A man-servant and a gisang's daughter who has a noble father fall in love.

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Beethoven Virus

Beethoven Virus is about musicians working with a conductor to form an orchestra mainly full of amateur musicians.

Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho (구미호 : 여우누이뎐) Korean - Drama - Picture @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database Watch Drama Online, All Korean Drama, Korean Dramas, Gumiho, Drama Fever, Drama Drama, Dramas Online, Best Dramas, Watch Full Episodes

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child - DramaWiki

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child is about a nine-tailed fox and her daughter. A nine-tailed fox is a creature from Korean mythology that can take on the form of a fox or a beautiful woman. The central question of this drama is, who are the real monsters?

Hwang Jin Yi - Korean Drama about gisaeng, Korean geisha. Jin, Han Ji Won, Kdrama, Korean Tv Series, Korean Drama Movies, Korean Dramas, Kim Jung, Brown Eyed Girls, Drama Film

Hwang Jin Yi - DramaWiki

Hwang Jin Yi is about a famous gisaeng (Korean geisha) of the 16th century. Like Jewel in the Palace, it mainly tales place during the reign of King Jungjong. Although the title character is renowned for her skills as a musician, the music played in this drama is unimpressive. It will sometimes get replaced by more contemporary background music, which is always the same and not very impressive.