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Fearless Eating

Transforming people's health through the power of traditional foods. My blog Fearless Eating, is at htttp://fearlesseating.net

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Fermented Cranberry Soda :: A naturally probiotic rich, kid friendly, real food soda

Fermented Cranberry Soda :: A naturally probiotic rich, kid friendly, real food soda!

5 Minute Bone Broth Gravy :: Gluten & Grain Free Options

5 Reasons Why White Rice is Good for You

Food for thought: How can billions eat white rice every day and stay relatively thin? Here are 5 reasons why white rice can be a healthy choice.

Why Eating Hog Maw Can Help Your Digestive Issues

Hog maw is a traditional dish from Pennsylvania Dutch country. Learn how and why hog maw can benefit chronic digestive problems.

How to Make Homemade Lacto-fermented Pickles

Homemade lacto-fermented pickles are a much healthier alternative to conventional store-bought versions. Here is a very simple recipe from Fearless Eating.

Lamb Mushroom Barley Soup with Kale and Mint

Hearty but not too hearty, this lamb mushroom barley soup with mint and kale makes for a perfect late-winter, early-spring time soup.

How to Make Black Raspberry Kvass

Black raspberry kvass is a kid-friendly fermented fruit drink that is easy to make at home. It's also a healthful alternative to commercial sodas.

The Power of Real Food: A Client Testimonial

This is hands down, the greatest testimonial I've ever received. But it also exemplifies the power of real food and what it can do for your health.

Gochujang Soup with Seafood

Gochujang is a Korean fermented red pepper paste that adds a distinctive sweet and spicy flavor to dishes as showcased by this simple soup recipe.

How to Make Probiotics for One Dollar

Did you know you can make probiotics at home? It's so simple! I'll even show you a video demo for how to make probiotics for one dollar.