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By Dominic Beyeler

My name is Dominic Beyeler from Bern in Switzerland. How did you get started? I started drawing people and portraits early in my free time during my appre…

Life is funny sometimes...

Life is funny sometimes.

Everything Funny —

Funny pictures about This List Could Go On And On. Oh, and cool pics about This List Could Go On And On. Also, This List Could Go On And On photos.

2009!Pastel!Dan is now my weakness

[Phan] Dan loves school and it's the beginning of a new year for him. He's really excited and can't wait. Dan loves meeting new people, being happy and learnin.

A funny trope

Gracey Lou Freebush ( Miss Congeniality) Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean) Al Giordino (Sahara YES!