Temperature measured and displayed on a five digit common cathode seven segment display using LM35 and Arduino Uno  Read more at :  http://www.haberocean.com/2015/08/temperature-measured-on-seven-segment-display-by-lm35-and-arduino-part-1-of-3/

temperature measurement and displaying on five digit common cathode seven segment display using and arduino uno, arduino seven segment display tutorial to measure temperature,

Circuit to Read and Write Data to a 24C64 EEPROM using Arduino  Read more at :  http://www.haberocean.com/2015/03/circuit-to-read-and-write-data-to-a-24c64-eeprom-using-arduino-part-1-of-5/

design a circuit for reading and writing data to a eeprom integrated circuit chip using arduino mega. simple, efficient and working circuit for reading and writing number to

Circuit to Connect 16 LDRs to 5 Digital Pins of Arduino Mega  Read more at :  http://www.haberocean.com/2014/12/connect-16-light-dependent-resistors-to-5-digital-pins-of-arduino-mega-using-two-74165-ics-part-1/

Circuit to Connect 16 light sensors to 5 digital input or output pins of arduino mega, how to design a circuit to connect sixteen photo sensors to arduino mega, arduino LDR tutorial

Temperature measurement using LM35 and Arduino UNO  Read more at :  http://www.haberocean.com/2015/07/temperature-measurement-using-lm35-and-arduino-uno/

circuit for measuring the temperature using arduino uno and temperature sensor. temperature measurement tutorial using tutorial, best temperature sensor for arduino mega

Motion detection using PIR motion sensor and ATtiny85  Read more at :  http://www.haberocean.com/2015/09/motion-detection-using-pir-motion-sensor-and-attiny85/

This is an add-on device for your Oplink Security system. You should have an Oplink Security system to utilize this product.

Seven Segment Display Controlled using a 4*4 button pad which is controlled using minimum digital pins of arduino mega  Read more at :  http://www.haberocean.com/2015/05/seven-segment-display-by-a-44-button-pad-using-minimum-arduino-pins-part-1-of-3/

Seven Segment Display by a Button Pad using Minimum Arduino Pins (Part 1 of

Steps for programming ATtiny45 / ATtiny85 using Arduino Uno  Read more at :  http://www.haberocean.com/2015/09/steps-for-programming-attiny45-attiny85-using-arduino-uno/

step by step procedures for programming or using arduino uno, easy method of programming or using arduino uno, arduino attiny programming guide

Police Siren, Ambulance Siren and Fire engine Siren by UM3561   Read more at :  http://www.haberocean.com/2015/07/police-siren-ambulance-siren-fire-engine-siren-machine-gun-sound-by-um3561/

circuit to make police siren, ambulance siren, fire engine siren and machine gun sound using integrated circuit chip, music projects hobby, simple circuit to make musics

A simple circuit to identify the switches pressed on a moble phone using arduino through MT8870 DTMF Decoder. If pressed switch is identified using arduino, we can control any devices using our mobile phone from a long distance.  Read more at :  http://www.haberocean.com/2015/07/circuit-to-identify-pressed-switches-of-a-mobile-phone-using-arduino-part-1/

circuit for identifying the pressed switches of a mobile phone through DTMF decoder integrated circuit chip,

Control Four LEDs using Keypad of a Mobile Phone through Audio Jack  Read more at :  http://www.haberocean.com/2015/06/control-four-leds-using-keypad-of-a-mobile-phone-through-audio-jack/

circuit for controlling four leds through a mobile phone using integrated circuit chip. circuit for interfacing to LED, control light emitting diodes using mobile

Anti-theft system designed using IR LED, TSOP IR sensor, NE555 and LM311  Read more at :  http://www.haberocean.com/2015/07/anti-theft-system-designed-using-ir-led-and-tsop-ir-sensor/

circuit for an anti-theft system designed using IR LED TSOP IR sensor, 555 timer and OP-AMP, operational amplifier, theft alarm system circuit, anti-theft circuit diagram

Interface a 16 * 2 graphic LCD to arduino uno  Read more at :  http://www.haberocean.com/2015/08/circuit-to-interface-16-2-graphic-lcd-to-arduino-uno-part-1-of-2/

how to interface a graphic LCD display to arduino uno. electronic circuit demonstration of interfacing 16 * 2 liquid crystal display to arduino board. best simple and working circuit

‘Jingle Bells’ using BT66T. Circuit made on a breadboard.  Read more at :  http://www.haberocean.com/2015/07/jingle-bells-using-bt66t-circuit-made-on-a-breadboard/

‘Jingle Bells’ using Circuit made on a breadboard

Block Diagram to Control Devices from Remote area through Mobile Phone  Read more at :  http://www.learnerswings.com/2015/07/block-diagram-to-control-devices-from.html

Block Diagram to Control Devices from Remote area through Mobile Phone