Contrast color ex. Bright Yellow Dress, purple and yellow sandals, contrast turquoise bag, Italian street style. Now that's what I call a spring-summer look!

Lovely print layout -

Originally within my magazine layout I wanted to apply coloured shapes to highlight the text, but felt as though the colour interfered with the information. This is why they weren't applied within my final magazine layout.

neon citrine

I've always wanted a Neon yellow front entrance door. I love the idea of having a bright happy door!

wool blanket by Pendleton

Pendleton Wool Blanket, Leather harness with buckled straps and shoulder strap.

I would love to do this for my office windows!

I've been meaning to do this for the girl's room curtains. Get cheap white curtain panels from ikea for C's room and it's easy to get cute pom poms on them(Butter Yellow Nursery)