Ocean Unit Study for Homeschool

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an aquarium filled with lots of different types of corals and sea life, including fish
Ocean Unit Study: Lesson Plan
Ocean Unit Study Lesson Plan
an animated image of a lobster in the ocean
Magic School Bus: Takes a Dive
a man wearing a red hard hat and green checkered shirt is standing in the woods
Reading Rainbow: Jack, the Seal, and the Sea
a man standing in the middle of a forest holding his hands out and looking at the camera
Reading Rainbow: Sam the Sea Cow
a black and white photo of a maze in the shape of a square with an animal on it
Ocean Animal Mazes
Ocean mazes
an image of different types of stars and octopuses on a sheet of paper with black border
Animal Memory Games
Ocean matching game printable
an image of a desert scene with stars and clouds
Ocean Teaching Theme Preschool and Kindergarten
Good Ocean ideas.
a bulletin board with fish and sea creatures on it
Ocean Alive at The Virtual Vine
This is a very thorough ocean unit study with lots of ideas
a man and child walking on the beach with footprints in the sand near the water
Ocean Unit Study
List of ocean themed books
the ocean activities and printables for children
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Ocean printables, I only used some of these.
the happy housewife sign is in front of a white background
Ocean Unit Study Worksheets and Printables - The Happy Housewife™ :: Home Schooling
Ocean printables, pre-k and early k level
a red crab made out of toilet paper with googly eyes
Egg Carton Crab Craft for Kids
Ocean craft ideas
an ocean scene with fish and corals on blue fabric
Lots of Ocean learning ideas
there is a plastic container with some writing on it and a sticker next to it
Sink or Float: A Science Experiment | Activity | Education.com
Sink or float science activity
a glass jar filled with sand and water
Ocean in a Bottle | Activity | Education.com
Ocean in a bottle activity