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Eucomis bicolor with ? need id tropical flowers with Agapanthus and Canna, Annual Summer flowering bulbs mixed together

Gorgeous purple foliaged Canna lilly creates a stunning backdrop for lower plants like bromiliads.

Dwarf Heliconia are great border fillers. Beware that they "run" so need to have room.

The importance of verticals in a garden can be undermined with plants that are too thin at their base. Choosing the correct plant for establishing a broad presence while retaining height and colour is ideal.

The rain has stopped for the moment. There are few patches of blue, but I don't think they will last. Much more 'weather' is on its way to u...

Onslow and Miss B: Tropical paradise - Wonderful plant selection including beehive ginger, purple heart, bromeliads, lotus-filled pot and parrots beak heliconia.