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    I love this site. I am trying to reorganize my board since I have so many pins. I guess I went a little crazy here. :) Pinning is how I relax and also how I lea

    "Maleficent's Fury" by Tim Rogerson | Disney Fine Art | Disney's Sleeping Beauty

    Maleficent - The Encounter by nicholaskole on deviantART

    Hello my beasties. It's been awhile hasn't it? So I'm thinking of changing my account... Any suggestions?

    definitelymeg: “PANZ CHALLENGE: IT’S A KIND OF MAGIC This is my entry for the latest PANZ challenge, where we were given the option to do a mani based on either light magic or dark magic. Such a fun...

    Mr. BJH : I somehow I identified with maleficent and at the end of all I wish you the best at life. . End of the story.

    Maleficent is one of the scariest Disney Villians of all time. This look of heavy black eyeliner with purple and green sparkles helps to capture this evil look perfectly.

    Art Style: Graphic Poster Artist Search: Dan Beltran IP: Sleeping Beauty

    Stephan: please, Maleficent. Maleficent: all right... The princess can be awoken! But only by... True loves kiss.

    Inspired by Maleficent: A smokey black eye with a dramatic contour and perfect red lip. Possibly an ombre lip?

    The Curse Of Maleficent (Interiors) by Nicholas Kole, via Behance

    Disney art. -There was always something forboding about that raven. Even in books today, like "Game of Thrones," the raven is often seen as a bad omen.

    Aww! You know, if Disney made a plushie of this I'd probably get it... Little Maleficent by *spiritto on deviantART

    maleficent..yeah cuz i heard of the movie by *nebezial on deviantART

    Maleficent's collar was designed to have a "bat-like" appearance. | 16 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Maleficent

    This girl (Mandie Manzano) does some amazing stained-glass style digital art. Definitely worth checking out her whole site.

    Mount Disney supervillain Maleficent's head on your wall! I must possess this at once!

    Maleficent...favorite disney villain and favorite princess movie...Sleeping Beauty

    Mistress of Evil, Acrylic on Wood, 18 x 30, inches, 2014 Jeremiah Ketner | Fine Art ©Disney

    Maleficent i am in love with how this story was told..from her perspective. Sometimes you need to know why evil became that way

    "So big that they dragged behind me when I walked... They never faltered. Not even once."

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    24 Delicious Breakfast Bowls That Will Warm You Up

    Chili Mayo Sauce Recipe ~ Tastes fantastic... An Easy Way to Liven Up Tacos and Appetizers!

    Pantry for a tiny home. I wish I had this now. It exemplifies the idea of tiny homes to me - well used space.

    To borrow from Forrest Gump (or to be more specific, Forrest’s momma), tiny houses are like a box of chocolates. You know never what you’re gonna to get — and it’s so very true. The façade of a tiny house, much like the exterior of a box of chocolates, can look like any other humdrum suburban... View Article