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Anubus Tattoo; Just the top half...I'd keep wings of Isis, and change eye of Horus to an Ankh...;) ♥

Ancient Egypt also looks good for blackwork and dotwork. Philip Yarnell representated the weighing of the heart and god Anubis. The afterlife was a strong point of Egyptian culture, surprisingly similar with Christian culture.

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Over years ago, Egypt was considered one of the biggest and most influential countries of the world. Here are more than 50 Egyptian Tattoo Designs.

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In Egyptian mythology Horus is the hawk-headed god who was born to Isis. He and she are often shown in statues. Horus is the product of divine conception. The Eye of Horus was a symbol for resurrection, power, protection and health!

Isis Egyptian Goddess of motherhood and magic wooden pyrography plaque | Art-way - Woodworking on ArtFire

Egyptian Goddess Isis, wife of Osiris and mother of Horus, is a patron goddess of mothers and children, and also of artisans and all creative people. Isis Egyptian Goddess of motherhood and magic wood

Magazine: Dazed & Confused, February 2010 Editorial: ‘The Amsterdam Chainsaw Massacre’ Designer: Viktor & Rolf Style: Katie Shillingford Model: Magdalena Frackowiak Photography: Josh Olins