YES PLEASE. log cabin country homes. Definitely want space in the back, and a pool. Especially if the yard is private and surrounded by trees

Luxuosa mansão.

Where would you live if you have a lot of money? Build up such a wonderful dream house. - Luxury Homes

Casa de praia

Working the perfect open home space and backyard pool? The sun room by the waterfall into the pool; the strong roof porch for relaxing and outdoor dining. just amazing.

room...  Mezaninos e Escadas com Soluções Modernas e de Segurança em Vãos de Escada e Varandas...  #mezanino #escadas #sobrados #pédireitoduplo #Corrimãoinox #mármore #granito #decor #saladeestar #home #arquitetura #casamoderna

If you find yourself staring at this patio for too long, we don't blame you. Walk down the spiral staircase from your master suite right onto the dreamy patio studded with flowers.

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Home sweet home! Stunning architecture and breath taking designs. Pools and gardens that look like you’re in a 5 star resort. Which is the subject we shall be discussing today. Take time to see those awesome mansions houses today.