Vallorie Henderson Textiles

Inspired handmade felt using the Japanese technique of combining silk and Merino wool also known as Nuno. All work copyright of Vallorie Henderson. Photography…
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The Road Ahead Art, Patchwork, Tejidos, Kunst, Fabric, Textiles, Fibres Textiles, Manualidades, Art Quilts
The Road Ahead
Fissure (Ode to Helen) Helen, Henderson, Japanese, Handmade, Handmade Felt
Fissure (Ode to Helen)
Sante Fe Vessel Fibre Art, Vessel, Sante Fe, Bowls, Fiber Art
Sante Fe Vessel
Stack of Vessels Stack
Stack of Vessels
Previous Lives 3d, Pillows, Throw Pillows
Previous Lives
Lots of Vessels Travel Pillow
Lots of Vessels
Blanche Fruit, Ceramica, Coconut
Sum of the Parts is Greater than the Whole Felt, Parts, Sum, Greater, Wool, Merino Wool
Sum of the Parts is Greater than the Whole
So Very Wabi Sabi Nuno, Poncho Liner, Outdoor Blanket
So Very Wabi Sabi
Sailing Vessel Photography, Outdoor Decor, Outdoor Furniture, Felting
Sailing Vessel
Piecework Piecework, Fiber, Contemporary Rug
Hemisphere Decorative Bowls, Hemisphere, Bowl, Serving Bowls
Lined Nest Tela, Diy, Fabric Birds, Pine Needle Baskets, Felted Basket, Nest Design, Felt Bag
Lined Nest