The white man LIED once againAnd the sad part about this you allow your children, child to accept these white lies in schools,universities...idiots raising idiots

the original founding fathers: Chief Joseph, Red Cloud, Sitting Bull and Geronimo (I'd add Chief Seattle too)

Ik ga akkoord met de uitspraken op deze pin. Mensen zouden niet enkel moeten kijken naar de slechte vooroordelen van een ras, maar ook naar de goede dingen die rassen hebben gecreëerd. Ik koos deze pin omdat hij waar en grappig tegelijktertijd is. De link met de leerstof is dat hij zowel vooroordelen als racisme behandelt.

‎Wednesday, ‎September -To be honest, we are fucked as a nation of people. I still have my mental being intact and I'd like to think there are many more like me.

Thanksgiving From the Native American's Point of View #Thanksgiving #genocide

This is sad smh.White men tell the children that their ancestors "settled" here when the truth is that they "invaded" us, they murdered us, and they raped us until we barely existed.

"THe meN wHo bUiLt AmErIcA"

Who Really Built America? Physically, the slaves,and before that u can say before "America" wz named, it wz already colonized by its Natives. (Our Natives).


The next time you belittle someone for not being white or speaking English , perhaps you should remember what a real American looks like. >>>We are ALL immigrants!

native american holocaust

It's sad that public school history curricular waters down history which is considered depressing, but it happened. People need to know the TRUTH. There is no excuse to rewrite history!

Duck dynasty

We'll said Uncle Si, this is not man bashing or feminist rhetoric.just the truth from a man who appreciates his wife!

The same thing in Australia on "Australia Day" or the more appropriate "Invasion Day". In New Zealand/Aotearoa, we have Waitangi Day which is a far more appropriate day because Maori and pakeha can celebrate the signing of the Waitangi Treaty together. Pakeha have broken the treaty on numerous occasions but progress has been made. To ostracise indigenous peoples by celebrating the beginning of war and hundreds of years of unbelievable pain is beyond stupid. Pick another day! Easy!!

Funny pictures about Native Americans on Columbus Day. Oh, and cool pics about Native Americans on Columbus Day. Also, Native Americans on Columbus Day.