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    Fultz Quadruplets

    The Fultz Quadruplets were born on May 23, 1946 in Reidsville, North Carolina. Four identical girls, Mary Ann, Mary Alice, Mary Catherine and Mary Louise. Check out this page on Facebook, run by Mary Ann's daughter:
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    The Fultz Quads: Extra photos

    Junior Chefs: The Fultz Quads make Fudge with a Pet Milk recipe


    The Fultz Quads met Floyd Patterson and Althea Gibson in 1960


    The Fultz quads put out the word about Civil Defense ID Tags and get their own tags. The picture on the top left reminds me of a picture of the Dionne Quints selling War Bonds during World War II.


    The Fultz Quads in their float dresses for the Bud Billiken Parade in Chicago with Mr. and Mrs. Saylor, their guardians.


    The Fultz Quads discover the world around them, especially the Corn and Tobacco that North Carolina is famous for.


    Lots of Pet Milk gave the Quads their daily glasses of Milk

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    The Fultz Quads at Caswell County Training School in North Carolina


    Fultz Quads at 24 in the Washington Afro American, May 4, 1971. Their picture is on the right hand page on the top right. They were living in Peekskill, NY and waiting for jobs in music and modeling while working as nurses.

    Washington Afro-American - Google News Archive Search

    Article in Daytona Beach Morning Journal, June 17, 1965. The 19 year old Fultz quads are seen on the right hand page, top left picture. Ann, Louise, Catherine and Alice are greeted by Bethune-Cookman College's Dr. Moore. They entered as Music majors and wanted to become Music instructors.

    Daytona Beach Morning Journal - Google News Archive Search

    The Fultz Quadruplets: Mary Anne, Mary Alice, Mary Louise and Mary Catherine

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    The Fultz Quads, December 1959. Left-Right: Ann, Alice, Catherine, Louise

    Fultz Quadruplets

    An article about the Fultz Quads in the May 24, 1947 issue of Afro Magazine.

    Richmond Afro American - Google News Archive Search

    Ad for an autographed 16th birthday picture of the Fultz Quads on the botom right.

    Baltimore Afro-American - Google News Archive Search

    Update on the Fultz Quadruplets in the November 5, 1981 issue of Jet Magazine. The Quads at one year old at the top. THe picture on the bottom left are of the Saylors, the Quads' guardians. The picture on the right are of the quads as they graduated Barbizon modeling school


    The Fultz Quads in a Pet Milk ad

    Little Known Black History Fact: The Fultz Quads

    One of the Fultz Quads with Fritz Klenner, the doctor that delivered them. The Quads were named for Ann, the doctor's wife; Louise, his daughter; Alice, his aunt; and Catherine, his great-aunt

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    The Fultz Quads form a String Quartet in preparation for the Orange Blossom Festival in Miami, FL. This article was in the November 26, 1959 issue of Jet Magazine.


    The Fultz Quads in Florida during a visit to Daytona Beach in the '60s

    Fultz Quadruplets :: Central Florida Memory

    The Fultz Quads at their birthday parade, 1951.

    The Afro American - Google News Archive Search

    The Quads were a bit late to their debut, so they had to hurry to get ready. The Quads are in the first three pictures here.


    The Fultz Quads make their curtsies to polite society at the Zeta Phi Beta Debutante ball.


    The Quads with their family and on their 10th birthday. Mary Alice gets a hand preparing for her debut at the Zeta Phi Beta ball


    The Quads meet two Presidents: President Truman on his walk, and President Kennedy at the White House.


    The Fultz Quads held factory jobs and a holiday job in a shopping center, The bottom picture shows them talking with their pastor at coffee hour after church service.