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Fultz Quadruplets

The Fultz Quadruplets were born on May 23, 1946 in Reidsville, North Carolina. Four identical girls, Mary Ann, Mary Alice, Mary Catherine and Mary Louise

Fultz Quadruplets

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The Quads with their family and on their 10th birthday. Mary Alice gets a hand preparing for her debut at the Zeta Phi Beta ball

The Quads meet two Presidents: President Truman on his walk, and President Kennedy at the White House.

The Fultz Quads held factory jobs and a holiday job in a shopping center, The bottom picture shows them talking with their pastor at coffee hour after church service.

The Fultz Quads at work. Ebony Magazine's article on the Quads, November 1968.

Fultz Quads in Ebony Magazine, pt 3, November 1968

Fultz Quadruplets in Ebony Magazine, pt 2, November 1968

Fultz Quads in Ebony Magazine-pt 1, November 1968

Playtime is Four times the fun for the Fultz Quads

The Fultz quads bake a cake with a Pet Milk recipe

Fultz Quads on various birthdays. This page, and pages like this, were from Mary Catherine Fultz-Griffin's Pet Milk "Memory Book"

Fultz Quads from oldest to youngest: Ann, Louise, Alice and Catherine

Fultz Quadruplets - 1947 - Quintland Gallery

Fultz Quadruplets, L-R: Ann, Louise, Alice and Catherine

The Fultz Quads: Four sisters, one love

The Four Mary Fultzes: Louise, Ann, Alice and Catherine.

The Fultz Quads visit John Johnson and Johnson Publishing in 1956 and 1960. They received copies of Ebony magazine commemorating their first birthday in 1947.

A Pet Milk ad featuring the Fultz Quads

fultz quadruplets

Fultz Quads make their TV Debut, 1960

The Fultz Quads at School, 1953

Full page article about the Fultz Quads in the Baltimore Afro-American, August 24, 1946

The Afro American - Google News Archive Search

The Fultz Quads at a personal Story Hour in Chicago, where they were in the Bud Billiken Parade.

Fultz Quads in the August 25, 1956 edition of the Afro-American. Their picture and a mention of them are in the center of the right page.

The Afro American - Google News Archive Search

The Fultz Quads visit Washington DC, and even ran into President Truman taking his daily walk.

The quads' Pet Milk ad is on the bottom of the right hand page.

The Afro American - Google News Archive Search

Fultz Quadruplets, 1962