christian louboutin shoes - that classic red bottom! Every girl needs a classic black pump


Givenchy sneakers-so cool! They're like light up/blinking kids shoes but for adults! omg wear can i find those shoes

Lipstick shoes

Lipstick heel, Alberto Guardiani these are wierd i wouldnt wear them but their funny


DIY Miu Miu Jeweled Heels

DIY Miu Miu Jeweled Heels You'll need: a pair of heeled shoes large and medium mm) multi-shaped rhinestones small mm) round rhinestones glue tweezers small dish or container toothpick flat nose pliers (optional)


No risk of fading into the landscape in these -- the Alexander McQueen Armadillo Heel (Lobster Shoe).

Shoes - Butterfly

alexander mcqueen gold butterfly shoes spring summer 2011 to go with my Luly Yang butterfly dress :)