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You're a hipster Harry

Daniel Radcliffe in, KILL YOUR DARLINGS. Where he portrays a young, Allen Ginsberg. The story revolves around Ginsberg and the early years of the Beat movement.

Don't Blink Cosplay

This is the reason why I am terrified to go to any con by myself. Or with friends. Because let's face it, my friends would run away screaming, and I would be left frozen in terror, probably standing in a puddle of urine.

METAPOD used TACKLE  It was super effective

Metapod, Use Tackle! by gusmao - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community


Soft Dalek, warm Dalek, little ball of hate. Happy Dalek, sleepy Dalek, ex-ter-mi-nate Dr.Who and the Big Bang Theory--- perfect