Anne Taintor → nothing… it’s what’s for dinner!

nothing… it’s what’s for dinner!

Serving sizes, you don't know my life!

ladies who can cook

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"I read recipes the same way I read science fiction. I get to the end and I think, 'Well, that's not going to happen.' " FROM: Funny Ecards

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I have this weird self-esteem issue where I hate myself, yet I still think i'm better than everyone else.

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Dear Facebook, I love my kids. Well, I've done my mothering for the day.

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How To Make Beautiful Dress Out Of Shorts

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well, shopping is kind of expensive, so...

Funny eCards – Yes, You’re Going To Laugh

Been there, done that! hehehe

Community Post: This Dog Feels No Remorse

I'm dying

I Waste So Much Time


17 Things Every Woman Secretly Does But Will Never Admit To


32 Funny Pictures with Captions - Clicky Pix


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Funny Pictures With Captions (25 Photos)

Funny Pictures With Captions (25 Photos) - Clicky Pix

Hola Bitchachos Tank Top. For our next Girls Retreat. ;) This top cracks me up!!

Hola Bitchachos Tank


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Hahahahaha I laughed so hard at this hahaha

I’m Not Fat Quotes

Funny shirt for brother. World's Okayest by PinkPigPrinting

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I finally found my sign.....yay me !!

No Soliciting Hungry Dog Warning Funny STICKER - Door Sign Wall Home Decor Decal

I'm not fat, i'm just

I'm not fat - Minion Quotes

Don't force yourself to fit into a societal mold. Half the time the majority isn't on the right track anyway. - This website is for sale! - sassyecards Resources and Information.

I dont have exs, I have ys funny quotes quote funny quotes ex humor instagram instagram quotes ex girlfriend ex boyfriend exs

I dont have exs, I have ys

This made me laugh!! Read More Funny:

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