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Snakes from around the world


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Beautiful Vine Snake

Canebrake/Timber Rattlesnake


Tropical rattlesnake

western diamondback rattlesnake



Saw-scaled viper

Sumatran pit viper

The Rogan Board

White-Lipped Tree Viper

Cerastes cerastes (horned desert viper)

רגע בטבע: קוף פרוותי בשלג ותנשמת צדה מכרסם

Gaboon viper

Melanistic Adder

Common Death Adder

Adder © Jim Foster

Long-nosed Viper.

Two Puff Adder Snakes

Black Mamba

Eastern Green Mamba

Acanthophis pyrrhus; Desert Death Adder

Tiger Snake

Albino Monocled Cobra

Monocled Cobra (naja kaouthia)

Ophiophagus hannah; Chinese-banded King Cobra

Red Spitting Cobra