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꽃수놓은 미니파우치 #자수타그램 #자수소품 #자수 #자수파우치 #미니파우치 #태슬 #태슬파우치 #실태슬 #핸드메이드 #창작도안…

I love plants, I love thread, and I love @happycactusdesigns fresh embroidery! There is room in the art world for everyone, but only if you push yourself to find your own…

WONDERFUL FLOWERS SOCKS / Antipast This Japanese company is pure genius. I have never seen such beautiful clothing and accessories. These socks do not look like much, but are sheer with embroidered flowers on them. Amazing, really!


• Mandala uno totalmente original de la mano de aro bueno bordado bordado en un aro de madera de 5"

SUMMER SALE Antler Hoop Art - Hand Embroidered Hoop Art - Antler with Flowers, Antler Wall Decor

Adorned. The embroidery is framed in an 8 inch wooden embroidery hoop. The back is left unfinished to show the reverse stitching. ***Because this