Hard to believe I have known this guy my whole life. I've always thought he was the biggest turd possible known to man. But he is actually the sweetest, most caring guy alive. I can't wait to marry my best friend and add to our sweet family []


HA! Yes, be purposeful with this! And NOT believe "I love so-and-so, but not 'in love' with them" - it's the same thing! If you see a couple with a successful marriage, find out why and do the exact same thing! Obviously they are doing something right!!


If you're staying in a relationship that doesn't fulfill you, challenge you or resonate with you because you feel obligated to a deal or a contract you made with another human being, you are depriving both of you of opportunities for happiness and growth.

Going away together <3

Sail Away With Me ~ A 1930’s Inspired Wedding Inspiration Shoot…


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