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anime eyes reference by into-ThePromise-land

#wattpad #fanfic Mundo Omegaverse Jimin -Omega Yoongi -Alfa Namjoon -Alfa Jin -Omega Taehyung -Alfa Jungkook -Alfa Jhope -Omega

Am I the only one that thinks he looks particularly muscular here? Have you been working out, Hobi baby?<--- it looks as if suga has been teaching him swaeg tho

I never leave baby hobi out, he's such a sweetiepie! he's so lovable, and i love him so much!

This isn't suga, it can't be suga. his cupids bow isn't like that. he is my ultimate bias I can tell that something is off. 😐 now I'm annoyed at myself because I can't tell if that's suga or not 😤😫