Which Disney Love Affair Will You Have? Jane and Tarzan! You'll come from two very different worlds, but that doesn't mean you can't combine them and make a world all your own! The adventures you'll have will be great, and although there may be moments when you have to decide between the places you want to see and the person you want to be with, both of you are willing to make sacrifices for the other one's happiness; and that, in itself, will make you happy :)

Which Disney Love Affair Will You Have?

OTP part Tarzan and Jane by MomoChanxX on deviantART - Favorite disney couple EVAR. And I never actually connected with any disney princess es, but I always felt one with Jane. We are so much alike.

Frozen - Anna and Elsa

Anime picture frozen (disney) disney elsa (frozen) anna (frozen) ask (askzy) long hair tall image blonde hair multiple girls braid (braids) aqua eyes orange hair twin braids holding hands lipstick snow face to face girl dress hair ornament 327624 en

Snow Baymax how cool is that

"I am Snow Baymax. Your personal health care companion. On a scale of 1 - how would you rate your pain?" I guess this Baymax can't heat up like a warm marshmellow.

Color Changing Big Hero 6 Baymax Desk Lamp! Click The Image To Buy It Now or Tag Someone You Want To Buy This For.  #BigHero

Wouldn't it be so cool I you made one of the bedrooms in your house 'big hero themed--- and then this lamp.