Desayuno Ferrero

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a child is sitting at a table with food in front of her on the tray
¡Despiertal@ con Ferrero!
a wooden frame with writing on it sitting on top of a white sheeted paper
a person cutting paper with scissors on top of a piece of brown paper next to a pair of scissors
a person is writing on a tray with silverware
Agrega frases.
Marca. Samsung
a person is writing on a paper with a spoon and some chocolates in the background
a person writing on a piece of paper with a fork and spoon in front of them
a woman is working on something with scissors and fabric in front of her, next to a pair of scissors
a person is cutting out paper with scissors on a piece of crafting material that has been placed on a tray
scissors and other crafting supplies laid out on a cutting board next to a roll of paper
the cover of a book with pictures of food and utensils
¡Ilumina tu corazón!