Envoltura Corazones

¡Increíble envoltura de regalo para hacer de este San Valentin una celebración especial!
10 Pins
step by step instructions on how to make wrapping paper
¡Paso a paso!
a wrapped present sitting on top of a table next to a knife and fork with a picture in the background
¡Do it!
a wrapped gift box with red hearts on it
Close up.
a person wrapping a present on top of a bed
Cruza, haz un nudo.
a piece of brown paper with red hearts on it next to a spool of twine
an open brown paper bag with red polka dots on the bottom and inside, sitting on top of a white bed sheet
pink hearts are drawn on white paper
Ilumina su corazón.
three red hearts drawn on top of a piece of brown paper next to a blue object
a person reaching for something on the ground next to a small object with hearts drawn on it
Entinta, presiona.
a pair of scissors and some chocolates on a table