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    We need FOREVER homes. Sharing for ANY animal who needs RESCUE, FOSTER or ADOPT, so that they will ultimately get that forever home. ADOPT DON'T SHOP! **ABSOLUTELY NO BREEDERS/SELLERS**


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    NY 32 PRECIOUS LIVES TO BE DESTROYED 11/28/15 - EACH NIGHT WE TELL THEIR STORY Info 32 CATS TO BE DESTROYED - Click for info & Current Status: nyccats.urgentpod...

    ***TO BE DESTROYED 11/28/15 - 9 BEAUTIFUL LIVES @ NYC ACC- Please share their story and be their voice. This is a VERY HIGH KILL facility, so time is critical. YOU may be their ONLY HOPE! -Click for info & Current Status: nycdogs.urgentpod...

    CHARLIE - A1058588 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 11/28/15 A volunteer writes: If I had a dollar for every person who complimented Charlie as we walked I could quit my day job! He’s absolutely magnificent, a big blockhead with gorgeous markings and the perfect weight for his size. His fun and friendly personality oozes out of every pore making it clear that he loves people and is always ready to make new friends. He’s housetrained, fabulous on leash, notices bu

    RIZZO - A1058102 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 11/28/15 A volunteer writes: Not to be too bossy since, after all, it is your happiness we are talking about, but it’s important that you drop everything and come meet this unbelievable girl this very second. She is cheer personified, happiness in a dog costume, joy on four legs. She playbows in her kennel, she romps with bliss during playgroup, she walks nicely on a leash, she’s a fantastic kisser… we could go o

    KOWAN - A1057062 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 11/28/15 A volunteer writes: He may not have wings, but to me, beautiful Kowan is an angel in dog’s clothing, practically perfect in every way! He’s soft and affectionate, well-trained and wonderfully behaved, gorgeous, gentle and simply the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. Kowan was recently the victim of a fight and still has a few bumps and scratches to show for his ordeal, but his naturally handsome good lo

    PRINCESS - A1056809 - - Staten Island TO BE DESTROYED 11/28/15 **ON PUBLIC LIST** PUPPY ALERT! Young, absolutely gorgeous and as anybody knows who’s ever had lived with a puppy, full of life—that’s Princess! Brought to Staten Island ACC because she was too active for them, Princess is sitting in a cage pleading for someone to come and take her out. Now, truth be told, this girl is just a big baby and she’ll need to finish learning all those things a puppy needs to

    BERNARD - A1058800 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED 11/28/15 **NEEDS A NEW HOPE RESCUE TO PULL** At 4 years old, Bernard has developed perianal fissures—a condition not all that uncommon in GSD’s. From his owner notes, it appears that he received some antibiotic treatment but its not clear when, how long or what specific antibiotic was used. But now Bernard is sitting in a cage at Brooklyn ACC, hurting, scared, and confused about everything that’s happened to him. We lea

    JOE - A1057769 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 11/28/15 **NEEDS NEW HOPE RESCUE** Something has freaked Joe making him unacceptably aggressive. He’s such a handsome boy with so much to offer; Joe is young, healthy and he only weighs 33-pounds. He’s a clean dog who has been well cared for apparently and he’s even been neutered. Joe is a mix of Harrier and German Shepherd. It’s so sad to see a dog in so much distress. We don’t think that Joe would do well in a norma

    ROCKY - A1058784 - - Staten Island TO BE DESTROYED 11/28/15 **ON PUBLIC LIST** PUPPY ALERT! With glowing comments from ACC staff, you’d think Rocky was a lock to find a new home. But Rocky caught the “shelter cold” and that sent him right to tomorrow’s euthanasia list. Surrendered to Staten Island ACC because his owner moved someplace his owner couldn’t, “8 month old Rocky is a puppy that you just cannot walk past without falling for those big eyes and squishy

    CHIFFON - A1058519 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 11/28/15 A volunteer writes: Chiffon’s name may conjure up images of a dainty girly-girl but don’t let that pink coat and her pretty blue-n-brown eyes fool you, this sweet snowball is a tomboy through and through! She’s quiet in her den, extremely well-trained in every way but leash walking, affectionate and gentle (though selective) with her friends and boy, does she LOVE to play. Fetch and tug-o-war are h

    TROOPER - A1058751 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED 11/28/15 **NEEDS A NEW HOPE RESCUE TO PULL** Trooper is a great name for this beautiful eighty five pound PIttie mix. To keep your head up with dignity at six years old as you have to go through a series of changes is never easy. Monday was the beginning of a busy holiday week, while others were rushing about, Trooper was being surrendered for personal problems at the ACC of NYC. He had lived with this family for three mont

    DIANA was used, abused, and abandoned with a terrible injury. HELP US SAVE HER!

    Still there, please help this girl....can anyone foster her? ALVIN ANIMAL CONTROL ADOPTION CENTER UPDATE: After over 100 shares, this sweet little girl is still at the shelter as of Nov 21st. Please keep sharing until the post finally reaches the person that will be her savior. “Bonnie” wants to share what she is thankful for this Thanksgiving. Bonnie is an altered Bassett/Corgi mix, approx 1 yr old.

    RETURNED 11/06/15 TOO ACTIVE --- SAFE 10-28-2015 --- Staten island Center BRUNO – A1052318 MALE, RED, CHOW CHOW / PIT BULL, 1 yr, 4 mos OWNER SUR – EVALUATE, NO HOLD Reason ALLERGIES Intake condition EXAM REQ Intake Date 09/22/2015

    MIAMI-DADE CODE RED SENIOR OWNER SURRENDER This poor boy is Bobby ‪#‎A1737304‬. VOLUNTEER FAVORITE, & he's on death row in danger because his POS owners abandoned him here after 10 years of love & loyalty that he gave them. Bobby is a 10 year old German shepherd/lab mix.

    GEORGIA - Please Save Her!! #153497 Opal Pit Bull Adult Female Available 10-20-15 Jonesboro, GA 30236 Our phone number is 770-477-3509

    **OWNER ARREST** - SNOW - #A1058845 - Urgent Brooklyn - FEMALE WHITE AMER BULLDOG MIX, 1 Yr 6 Mos - STRAY - HOLD FOR ID Reason OWN ARREST - Intake 11/24/15 Due Out 11/27/15

    ++New Photo of Sweet Kia++ LAST CHANCE DOGS (THE MOST URGENT DOGS AT MIAMI DADE) KIA (A1728942) I am a female tan and white Boxer mix about 5 years old and I weigh 40 pounds. I was found as a stray and I am available for adoption

    11/26 STILL THERE!!! HURRY PLEASE!!! LAST CALL --- KIA is ver weak and moved to medical section KIA (A1728942) I am a female tan and white Boxer mix. The shelter staff think I am about 5 years old. I was found as a stray and I may be available for adoption on 10/06/2015. Miami Dade


    11/25/15 STILL SOS !!! POP - ID#A1053028 OWNER SURRENDER, ++++ CAME IN With LOLLY++++ - ID ‪#‎A1053029‬~ VIDEO: Neutered male, black & tan German Shepherd Dog and Chinese Sharpei about 6 years old. RIVERSIDE HIGH KILL FACILITY CALIFORNIA Riverside County Animal Control at (951) 358-7387

    SUPER URGENT Manhattan Center LIL NICKY – A1058912 ***HIT BY CAR – NEEDS FOLLOW UP VET CARE ASAP*** MALE, RED, DACHSHUND, 13 yrs STRAY – STRAY WAIT, NO HOLD Reason STRAY Intake condition EXAM REQ Intake Date 11/25/2015, nycdogs.urgentpod...

    SUPER URGENT 11/25/15 Brooklyn Center KEITH – A1058875 ***NEEDS FOLLOW UP VET CARE ASAP*** MALE, TAN / BROWN, BRUSS GRIFFON MIX, 12 yrs STRAY – STRAY WAIT, NO HOLD Reason STRAY Intake condition UNSPECIFIE Intake Date 11/25/2015, From NY 11207, DueOut Date 11/29/2015,

    10/10/15♥ OVERLOOKED SWEETHEART!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥¡9/30/15** Very Nice Boy overlooked!******03/09/15-13-257 "Captain" Pit Bull Terrier • Adult • Male • Large Town of Babylon Animal Shelter West Babylon, NY