The dozen festive 24 hour intervals

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two birds with hats on their heads are standing next to each other in striped clothing
Three French Hens... Poster by Will Bullas
Three French Hens :-)
the letter d is for girl with a baseball bat in her hand and wearing a helmet
Eleven Pipers Piping/eps stock vector. Illustration of holiday - 3564007
pipers piping
a small cow figurine on top of a green table in front of a christmas tree
I got this at the annual ornament exchange party and love it. The eight maids a milking are hilarious!
two silver teapots sitting on top of a white table cloth next to each other
Antiqued Glass Turtledoves
a large multi layer cake sitting on top of a black plate in front of a display case
The 12 Days of Christmas
All together!
an image of the bandleaders in their uniforms for christmas day greeting card, which reads, my true love gave to me five drummers drumming
12 Drummers Drumming,
a bunch of cupcakes that are in the shape of angels on a blue background with snowflakes
Jessica Hische - 10 lords a leaping
a christmas tree with ballet silhouettes hanging from it's sides and stars on the top
ladies dancing
four ducks are lined up in a row on a plaid tablecloth with an orange and white background
6 geese a laying
several white swans are swimming in the icy water
7 swans a swimming
two birds sitting on top of a pink flower
four calling birds