#coop - Clean coop tips

An inspiringly clean chicken coop

Clean coop tips-I saw this in hard copy months ago then couldn't remember where I read it! Have been looking for this especially for the "hammock" under the roosts.

Tom & Jerry reverse roles

Install on door to laundry room to give cat access to litter box while keeping the smell from going throughout the whole house. Note: Also good for keeping dogs out of the litter box! No more stinky litter box breath

rustic birdhouse in the purple phlox

tree bark roof, twigs & old wood! - don't know wether to put this under flowers or bird stuff, both are pretty!

Beautiful Birdhouse

For the love birds Lavender garden Silver Grey Succulents DIY Backyard Bird Feeder! {these would be fun to take camping, too!

DIY Top Bar Bee Hive

Make Your Own Honey Cow (Top Bar Bee Hive)

If you would like to start beekeeping you can learn how to build a honey cow (top bar bee hive). The honey cow has top bars the bees build their comb on an