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Bridge between Sweden and Denmark. Goes under water so ships can pass over…

OK so when you drive on a bridge over water you roll down a window. So what do you do if you drive on a bridge under water?Amazing Engineering - This bridge connects Denmark and Sweden. The made part of the path go underwater to let ships pass.

Aspendos Amphitheater, Antalya, Turkey - one of the first truly great roman…

Aspendos Amphitheater, Antalya, Turkey /watched Fire of Anatolia - superb event TURKEY

Istanbul beautiful - Turkey - Türkiye

Plane views from my window seat - Turkish Airlines flying Over Colorful Istanbul by Night, Turkey

Here’s another architectural beauty from Kazan. This is the Ministry of…

Giant Iron Tree Built In Russia’s Ministry Of Agriculture To Cast Shadow Over Archway The Ministry of Agriculture’s building in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan in the Russian federation, is a.

Devil's Bridge (Germany) - This bridge dates back to 1860s and is built to…

Devil's Bridge (Germany) - This bridge dates back to and is built to create the optical illusion of a full circle from the bridge itself to its relfection in the water. The creepy architecture makes it looks like the Devil's Eye. Discover more uniqu

Races and Creatures of Middle Earth

Races and Creatures of Middle Earth. It's not all things elven, but it's pretty fantastic so I had to include this!

The Middle Earth.

Middle Earth Elven realms are the best looking Though I love a rocking Boromir in Osgiliath Lord of The Rings The Hobbit


Eregion - Map by Daniel Reeves from "Maps of Middle-Earth Vol.

Pelargir1665.jpg 2,000×1,356 pixels

Pelargir (one of the first settlements of the Númenóreans founded in Middle-earth) by Sampsa Rydman

Genealogy of the Elves of Middle Earth by enanoakd

The genealogy of the Ainur. The God-spirits of Middle-Earth. Much of this information comes from the MERP expansion of the fandom by  Iron Crown Enterprises and Tolkien Enterprises.