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pornazzi: “ Bakunyuu No Nioi art by Beleq ”

pornazzi: “ Bakunyuu No Nioi art by Beleq ”

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Andrew Hickinbottom art added 90 new photos to the album: Portfolio - Personal work.

American Duchess:Historical Costuming: V19: Staging Fashion, 1880-1920: Jane Hading, Lily Elsie, Billie Burke {Video} | Historical Costuming and sewing of Rococo 18th century clothing, 16th century through 20th century, by designer Lauren Reeser

╰ღ╮❤╭ღ╯Lily Elsie, a gorgeous Edwardian actress whose beauty made her the most photographed women of her time. I came across a picture of her and became enchanted too. To me she was the ultimate Edwardian Lady.

5 signs your cats loves you

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