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of this is true. A Matter of Memories: :JOURNALING HELPER: "my fall favorites" printable. More fall scrapbook titles.

Love this for the kitchen!

Bless The Food Before Us Wooden Sign ~ Wood Kitchen Signs ~ Kitchen Decor ~ Kitchen Wall Art ~ Dining Room Wall Art ~ Prayer Sign


God bless those brave valiant Soldiers who paid the price for our freedom in this great America. Honor them and pray for their families.


I don't call myself an Irish-American, German-American, Hungarian American English-American.

God Bless America

God Bless America and those that defend her. Please thank a veteran. Remember, women are veterans, too!

Sweet Land of Liberty

Statue of Liberty. (Background is white stars on blue and parchment) Sweet Land of Liberty.

LOVE BEING AN AMERICAN! It's a privilege that was given to us long ago. Never take Freedom for granted!

I will never Apologize for being American No never. If your aren't proud to be American and Willingly respect the USA! Go back to your ancestors home land. I'd respect your country. Please respect mine. Have self respect and respect for others!

Our American troops need our support, much more our prayers! Let's lift them up to God for their safety. #Bullets2Bandages is proud to support the Military and the Veterans!

True American Heroes that Have Done More then Zero. Fighting for our Freedom. Freedom is not Free. God bless the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

God Bless America......the love of God and country.

One Nation under God! America - The United States of America - American Flag - Liberty - Justice - Freedom - USA - The US - God Bless America!

"I support our troops!" #USA #American #military forces #Army #Navy #Marines #Air Force #Coast Guard

Thank you to the veterans, soldiers & their families for the sacrifices you've made and endured for my safety & freedom, May God Bless You Always!

American Pride Flag m94080

God Bless America Flag: Double Sided Outdoor Living Patriotic Display which is a perfect gift to show your love your country at any time of year!

Thank You Veterans

The history of Veterans Day. Why do we celebrate Veterans Day? Veterans Day celebrates the living veterans who’ve served in the U. The tradition began after World War I and was originally called Armistice Day.