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F.Garcia Foods

Miami, Florida / America's bulk dry bean and grain e-commerce store! Shop healthy USA NON-GMO dry beans + grains grown and processed by American farmers. Shipping included!
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Easy baked black bean quinoa veggie burgers that are vegan & gluten-free, filled with plant protein, and perfect for end-of-the-summer cookouts!

This black bean quinoa chili is comforting, healthy and FILLING! It's low fat and a great source of fiber and vitamins. The recipes makes a big batch and freezes well. Vegan, clean eating and gluten free.

This healthy Black Bean Quinoa Salad recipe is delicious hot or cold! It makes for a great main dish for a vegetarian dinner or as a complementary side dish. It is also gluten free made with your own homemade dressing!

This Healthy Black Bean Breakfast Burrito Recipe features a hearty bean & hash brown filling with scrambled eggs, cheese, avocado and salsa rolled into whole wheat tortillas. This is a great healthy breakfast idea that can also be made ahead.

10 Minute Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas These are super tasty and filling! Makes for a great dinner when you are lazy or don't have an time to cook.