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Ceramic sculptures by Lena Guberman

Ceramic sculptures by Lena Guberman

Sophie Woodrow

Sophie Woodrow’s ceramic sculptures are weird and beautiful at the same time. Her creatures are awakening memories of fairy tales and myths.

Realistic Fox Animal Hat with Ears / Hand Felted Wool - Unisex / Sizes for Toddler, Kid, Adult

Fox Hat -- Hand Felted Wool (Etsy) Now dont get me wrong the little girl looks like an angel but the fox hat scares me just a bit! Maybe i will wear this hat with the Fox shoes i also put in this file.

Field Dressing by Sruli Recht

The latest menswear collection by fashion designer Sruli Recht of Iceland features leather made from dolphin skin, fabric woven from horse hair and silk extracted from a spider’s gland implanted in a goat.

black and white fashion accessories made from paper - Google Search

Wearable Art - layered black and white felt dress with cut out patterns and sculptural silhouette; fashion // Catherine O'Leary WHAT cannot not be seen within?

Eyeball Monster Couture?

An eye for detail in this look. **The Residents want their eyeball back. Don't know what to make of the dress, though. I'd make a lampshade of it, actually, had I a lamp big enough.