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Gokhan Yılmaz
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Natural History Type Project

Natural History Type Project on Behance. A type series created by Sleep Projects. Inspired by Bebas typeface and designed by Ryoichi Tsenekawa. Each letter is designed to a mineral that begins with that letter

Pascale Bonenfant

V Live in Montreal? ​ L​ooking for vintage rentals and handmade items to compliment your wedding? ​Restez a Montreal?

This is absolutely incredible because it is showing off all of the different alphabets using everyday buildings.

Alphatecture How brilliantly executed by Peter Defty. He is a professional photographer based near Leeds, in the UK, and takes these photos all over the world. They remind you to look up once and a while. maybeitsgreat: ALPHATECTURE by Peter Defty, UK

Motohiko Odani

Artist: Odani Motohiko Motohiko Odani’s futuristic sculptures are now on view at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo. His unique style is both beautiful and haunting. Here’s what the artist had to say about.

#faceted #low #poly #lowpoly #origami

Generative design functions as image archive focusing on parametric architecture and generative design. If you are intrigued also have a look my private work in design