Plate Displays - Plate Racks, Hangers and Stands

Display decorative plates in plate racks, plate hangers and plate stands. You can enjoy your favorite collectibles so much more when they are part of your…
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a wooden shelf with plates and cups on it in a room that has green walls
Plate Display Shelves - Aged Gray Double Shutter, Plate Racks and Hangers
Plate Display Shelves - Aged Gray Double Shutter
a dining room table with chairs and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Fine Home Displays
How to display Majolica plates with plate wires. Love this look!
a restaurant with wooden tables and chairs in front of a large wood paneled wall
Fine Home Displays
Wall of plates overload - How to do this yourself!
several plates with different designs on them sitting on a table top next to each other
Fine Home Displays
Beautiful plates to display on shelves, or hanging on the wall!
a bathtub with plates on the wall above it
Fine Home Displays
Love this plate display above a soaking tub. Great use of invisible plate hangers.
a dining room table with white chairs and pink flowers in vases on the table
Fine Home Displays
Displayed in cup saucer racks, tiered plate stands and plate hangers, this red transfer ware makes a statement!
there are many plates that have birds on them
Fine Home Displays
Vintage China is perfect for decorating any room of the house. Display them in stacks, in plate stands and on the wall in plate hangers. Perfection!
three plates with black and white designs on them hanging from a wall in a room
Plate Rack - Normandy Double for 10" - 11-1/4" Plates, Plate Racks and Hangers
Spooky plates in a wrought iron plate hanger!
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used for cooking or baking, as well as other things
Fine Home Displays
Beautiful shabby chic plate display using invisible plate hangers and plate stands.
an old fashioned photo is in a wooden frame on top of a stone slab against a blue background
Display Days: Finally, Plate Frames for Larger Plates!
a white china cabinet filled with lots of dishes and bowls on top of wooden shelves
Display Days: Special Discounts on Plate Easels, Domes and More!
three sunflower plates hanging on a wall
Love these themed sunflower plates displayed in a simple black plate hanger.