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Yarnyenta Knit

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Shaping Toe

Small2 Double

Crochet Socks

Knitting Socks

Double Gusset

Gusset Heel

Ravelry Socks

Sock Slipper

Ravelry Double

Life of a Knitphomaniac: Double Gusset on Bottom - Toe up pattern, Perfect for Self Striping Yarn

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Tutorial Double

Tutorial Sock

Gusset Tutorial

Gusset Heel

Gusset Sock

Double Gusset

Heel Double

Socks Double

Knit Double

Tutorial: Double Gusset Heel

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Knit Crochet Scarves Shawls

Knitted Cowls

Blueknitsshawlscarves Cowls

Cowls Scarves

Cknitted Scarves

Wraps Knitted

Adult Scarves

Knitting Wraps

Knitting Board

Free Knitting Pattern: Almendra Cowl

Knitting and so on: Almendra Cowl

Crochet Earflap Hat Patterns

Knitted Hat Patterns Free Kids

Machine Knitting Patterns Free

Knitting Child'S

Childs Knitted Hat Pattern

Knitted Childrens Hats Patterns

Knitted Ear Flap Hat Pattern

Knitting Patterns Free Hats Kids

Knitting Loves


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Family Temperature

Temperature Blanket

Music Family

Knitting Music

Knit Stuff


Blanket Pattern



Knitting, Music, & Family: Temperature Blanket Pattern

Knitting, Music, & Family: Temperature Blanket Pattern

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Knee Highs

Knit Stuff

Pattern Library



Knee Highs and Higher pattern by Marika Cowan

Clark Knitted

Knitted Dresssed

Knit Crochet

Highland Avenue

Warming Knits

Com Ravelry

Ravelry Aran

Avenue Pattern

Knitting Cardigans

Ravelry: Highland Avenue pattern by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark

Highland Avenue pattern by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark

Knitting Knuttiness

Tight Knitting

Knitting Jumping

Knitting Women

Knitting Ideas

Knitting Clothes

Knitting Crafts

Knitting Stuff

Loop Bamboo

Laura's Loop: Bamboo Shell - The Purl Bee - Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas!

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Botanica Mathematica

Instructions Written


Knit Stuff



patterns and instructions | Botanica Mathematica

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Knitted Hem

Hem Knitting

Knitting Finishing

Textile Knitting

Knitted Baby

Knitting Techniques

Knitting Tutorials

Cozy Colour

Woven Fabric

interesting hemming technique in knitting!

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Knitting Cool Stuff

Funny Knitting

Knitting Funny Pictures

29 Teen Knitting

Train Knitting

Funny Yarn

Crochet Funny

Crochet Funnies

Knit Stuff

Belt loop hanger

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Gorgeous Pincushions

Crocheted Pincushions

Pincushions Flickr

Pincushion Embroidery

Embroidery Cushions

Pincushions Plenty

Crocheted Puffs

Pincushions Google

Pincushions Patterns


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Shimmery Yarn

Metalic Yarn

Metallic Wool

Paton'S Yarn

Win Yarn

Gorgeous Yarn

Pretty Yarn

Beautiful Metallic

Yarn Love

Metallic yarn

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Shimmery Yarn

Metalic Yarn

Metallic Wool

Paton'S Yarn

Win Yarn

Gorgeous Yarn

Pretty Yarn

Beautiful Metallic

Yarn Love

Metallic yarn.

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Sew Quilt Ideas

Quilting Ideas

Quilting Techniques

Quilting Arts

Sewing Tutorials Ideas

Sewing Projects

Crochet Projects

Needlecraft Projects

Small Projects

Truthful handcraft labels.

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Knitting Toys

Knitting Crocheting

Knitting Rabbit

Knitted Rabbit Pattern

Knitted Rabbits

Rabbit Crochet

Crochet Rabbit Tutorial

Tutorial Lapin

Small Knitted Rabbit

Something to do with swatches. Bunny from a square – love this bit of cleverness

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Tricksy Knitter


Ombré Knitting

Knitting Graphic

Knitting Gradient

Ombre Knitting Pattern

Fairisle Knitting Patterns

Online Knitting

Fair Isle Knitting

Ombré color work chart for knitting. This would be fun to do in color too.

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Showing Alternate

Alternate Double

Video Alternate

Chain Dc

Chain Double

Three Chain

Crochet Lessons

Crochet Videos

Crochet Stuff

How did i not know this!!?!? where had this been all my life??? short video showing alternate double crochet turning stitch - instead of ch3. makes a clean edge

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Crochet Eggs

Crocheted Easter

Crafts Crochet Knitting

Crafts Sewing

Free Crochet

Crochet Project

Crochet Bliss

Lovely Crochet

Crafting Easter

Free Crochet Easter Egg Pattern!

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Octopus Cozy

Knit Octopus

Octopus Coffee

Demi Octopus

Awesome Octopus

Crochet Octopus Pattern

Beautiful Octopus

Octopus Pin

Octopus Mermaid

I want it. I want to make it. IT IS AWESOME OMG.

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Bracelet 39

Abacus Bracelet

Bracelet Silver


Ablet Knitting

Knitting Abacus

Silver Stardust

Ablet Row

Row Counter

Knitting abacus bracelet. $39.00

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Mittens Skull

Skulls Fingerless

Knit Gloves Mittens

Mitenki Gloves

Skull Knitting

Knitting Crocheting Patterns

Knitting Ideas

Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer O'Neill

Skulls and flowers mittens

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Crafts Crochet Knit

Crochet Knitting Ideas

Crochet Patterns

Crochet Birds

Crochet Bird House Pattern

Crochet Bird Feeder

Insect Crochet

Muse Crochet

Crochet Fairy House

Crochet birdhouse. I think a bird might actually use it. I'd make it out of hemp so it would last a while.

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Knit On

Knit Felt

Knit Hat

Circulars Gauge

Stockinette Gauge

Yarn Louisa

Color 12

Gauge 22

Rib Beanie

Good plain knit hat for James

Mistake Rib Beanie