Cécile Dachari Miniatures 10cmX10cm

Thanks to Dyne Dyne Parker+dog for pinning Cecile Dachary - crochet, pottery, embroidery.

Stéphanie Devaux Mini books made with scraps and throwaways.

Stéphanie Devaux Mini books made with scraps and throwaways. Use of scraps and found objects - look at beachcombed objects.

Lorina Bulwer’s amazing embroidered ‘Letters from the Workhouse’

‘Letters from the Workhouse’ by Lorina Bulwer, a 63 year old inmate of the female lunatic ward of Great Yarmouth Workhouse. She was an educated middle-class Englishwoman Embroidery, 12 ft long. also check out the art room plant. via The Breckland View

stitched words by Emma Parker - but what stitch is used?

stitch therapy: reconstructed: could stitch text and then dip in plaster before sanding back

Swati Kalsi

Swati Kalsi: au delà de la tradition textile.

Swati Kalsi – tissu brodé à la main. Swati Kalsi a un amour pour la matière…

Swati Kalsi

INDIA: FASHION: SWATI KALSI Based out of New Delhi, Swati Kalsi designs fashion and textiles in collaboration with traditional Indian artisans. In an interview with Indian By Design, Kalsi describes textiles as “poetic and graceful, with an evident.